Earthen Ring Dragon Soul Progression Thread

Earthen Ring
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Meta achievement is done
You missed a Rogue with the daggers: Axtu, of AIE
You missed a Rogue with the daggers: Axtu, of AIE

Didn't miss it if you did not post it. :-)

Congrats to Axtu on the Legendary Daggers!
Congrats the The Old Guard on Glory of the Dragon Soul Raider!
Congrats to Åscension on the Heroic clear!
Sadie, the 4th rogue of 11th to hold legendary daggers. Congrats!
Congrats to Sadie on the Daggers!

Congrats to AIE for killing Heroic Madness last night!
(A) Nemesis - Heroic Hagara down
(A) Nemesis - Heroic Blackhorn down
Very late update, Mulienex has completed the legendary daggers.
Kills have been added to the post and spreadsheet.

Congrats to Mulienex on the Legendary daggers!
(A) Nemesis- Heroic Zon'ozz down
O.o you guys killed Zon'ozz after gunship?

Sorry, just find that really weird :P
We only raid 2 nights and our second night (saturday) is our longer one where we have more time ;)
Nublet Cartel has H-Blackhorn and H-Hagara, working on spine Monday, also late update, Sneekys and Blorgin have the legendary daggers for the horde.
Veritas is 6/8 heroics DS

All meta achievements completed for DS.
Posts and spreadsheet have been updated through post 414.

Congrats to Sneekys and Blorgin on their Legendary daggers!
Angels of Chaos finally got Glory of the Dragon Soul Raider last night!
Don't know if this is on here yet, but we got the Glory of DS Meta last wednesday 8/1
Congrats to Alea Iacta Est and Angles of Chaos on Glory of the Dragon Soul Raider!

Updated through post 418.
The Eleventh Hour now claims first 25 man to kill Heroic Spine :)
GroupThree has downed Heroic Spine of Deathwing

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