Coolest city on Azeroth??

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11/28/2011 03:50 PMPosted by Larsulrich
1st - Stormwind
2nd - Silvermoon City
3rd - Dalaran
1 - Gilneas - Awesome architecture, and werewolves are cool.
2 - Silvermoon - It's purdy.
3 - Zul'Generican - Troll cities are cool.
Thunder Bluff
How many of you just don't even realize this thread is a necro?
01/16/2012 05:54 AMPosted by Draelik
How many of you just don't even realize this thread is a necro?

I realize it. Doesn't mean I don't think its worthwhile to add my thoughts.

Are you suggesting we create a duplicate thread just because its an old thread?
Dalaran. I love the architecture, the music, the whole atmosphere in the place. I'd love to set it back down in its place in Hillsbrad too, kinda see it in its "original" glory.
Ive played both factions a lot and Ironforge is my favorite city. I like the way it feels there and everything you need is very close.
Any dwarven city.
Darnassus hands up and down. its on a humongous freaking tree how much cooler does it get. second vote is silvermoon.when considering its loosly connected to the Sunwell. im also taking the surrounding areas into acount. i love the way teldrassil and eversong look.
I've always been inclined towards Stormwind, for it was the first city I ever saw in-game.

But personally, I love Exodar.. I just wish you could fly in there and that it was more... accessible.

For now though, I use Dalaran for all my travels. It has an AH, trainer, and if you need anything else you can port to Stormwind any time you want. Really, there's no reason to deal with the lag in SW unless you need a point vendor or the Cata zone portals.
Stormwind AND Silvermoon, it's like being in Disneyland.
Silvermoon and Gilneas, Dalaran would be third but I prefer lists of 2.
Darnassus, its in a tree with trees growing in it and when a big bad threat comes we learned that the tree can empower a person to temperarly become a demi god and lay waste to the enemies.
The thing I like about Silvermoon is it's like Candyland if the candies were laced with crack. Just ask the locals.
Thunder bluff. Imagine walking into that in real life. It would be so awe striking.
Gilneas City. <3
Azeroth has some amazing cities. Dalaran, Gilneas City, Stormwind; I love anything Elven, so Silvermoon and Darnassus are definitely up there. Actually... with the possible exception of the Undercity, (No offense Forsaken players; there's dark decor, then there's overkill. Why the Hell is every canal in the city a vibrant green? What, are the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles hiding in Undercity?) I really can't think of any city I don't feel a certain admiration for.
Orgrimmar, Gilneas, Kezan/Bilgewater Bay
Eh Ironforge is pretty boss, and seeing in lore there are 7 levels to the city and the part of the city were are allowed to go in game is the 5th deep (level) of Ironforge, lore-wise imagine how much more of the city is there.

Shadowforge is also awesome, as well as Grim-Batol...well minus the twilight stuff

Also Gilneas city <3

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