Complete list of guilds and Information! v.2

Telo transferred off server about two months ago and I haven't seen much work done on the sticky since then. It's probably safe to assume that its no longer maintained or even ran. Sorry for the slow update to your response, haven't been on the realm forums very much :)
Splyffindor is now run by Tinklewinkle and myself (jberish is my alt now). We are now a pvp focused guild running RBGs as much as possible.
Can you please remove the info section for Celtic Brotherhood as it is not current. Also add these names for contacts; Ypsilon, Zlicious & Goatcheese (PvP).

Thank you!
Hello and attention everyone to all players on Garrosh!,

As of August 29th, I'll be once again be transferring back to this realm with my other level 85 warlock Zontorbank from the realm Staghelm!

At that time, I'll once again begin maintaining this thread of guilds and such!

Thank-you for your patience and hope to see you all soon!

~ Teloraelin

I would like to mention as of today I have now transferred back to this realm earlier than expected thanks to the help of a close friend!

As a result, This list of guilds and information is now being maintained and updated and completion on the list should be completed for both the Alliance and Horde factions by September-05-2012.

I look forward to seeing you all in-game!


~ Teloraelin
Please add...

Faction: Alliance
Guild: Unleashed Chaos
GM: Rigormortis
Contacts: Rigormortis, Aphistis, Kasheen, Barklover.
Info: 4/16 T14, 8/8H T13 10-man raiding guild. We're always looking to recruit skilled players who can take raid progression seriously without taking the game itself too seriously. Interested? Just give one of us a shout in-game.
Hi Teloraelin, great to hear that you came back!

This is (GM) Sassytwo (Tastia) from Knights of the Citadel. Wanted to give you info so that you can update our guild info when you get the chance. My main now is Sassytwo (hardly on Tastia anymore) so that isn't a good way to contact me in game. If you could just put that we have (3) 10 man teams that raid end game content with various days/times. Also Contacts are, Sassytwo or Infertile. Thank you much Teloraelin :)

Happy hunting!
Please post in the new Complete List of Guilds and Information Thread I have created to replace this one.

You may locate it here:

Thank-you everyone for your patience and understanding! =)

~ Korlastus
WB Telo, can you update the tribe's info


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