4.3 ret BiS.

Anyone seen any yet?
or care to make one:)?!
i'll let you touch my hair.
Just a guess but...

4pT13 + Shoulder offset (using glove as the offset seems better for Mastery but worse for strength)
Misc filler plate
Deathwing weapon
Just spent some time looking at the gear and the stats. I would say yeah 4pT13 and offset gloves. At least on Mmo champs site the valor bought gloves and the Regular t13 gloves have equal amount of strength and gem sockets. What about trinkets? Is the 1 min valor trinket any good? I'm putting my money on 2904 crit strike rating proc on damage and the 9k-13.5k physical damage proc to all mobs within 10 yards.
I guess google is hard ;-)


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