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1. The 4.3 patch is approx 800MB in size.

2. Improvements have been made to the Direct and P2P downloader that should increase speed.

3. Move pad added to the Interface > Help section.

4. Other game information:


1. Common issues:

2. Blizztube Common Patch issues:
Blizztube Advanced Patch issues:

===========Tech Updates========

1. When using Integrated video and Sandy Bridge, users will now be auto-detected to a capped maximum resolution. It’s 1366x768 for widescreen and 1280x960 for 4:3 aspect ratios.

2. DX11 users with video cards that feature only level 10.0 will not be able to select multisample settings greater than 1 when selecting high-detail water.

3. A cache has been added for Dx9 users who were experiencing intermittent issues with water disappearing. If you are experiencing intermittent water dropouts you can add the following to the file: Set gxDepthResolveHandleCaching "0"

===========Known Issues========

1. Windows XP users who have IPv6 enabled will crash on login. Please disable IPv6 by going Login Screen > Options > Network > Uncheck IPv6 option before logging in.

2. Crashes during Dragon Soul Cinematics. There are 2 work arounds:
- Run the game on a 1280x720 resolution or higher
- Modify the AVI files:

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