[H]WeeR 7/12 [25Man] Tue/Wed/Thu 25man

Bleeding Hollow
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WeeR is a semi hardcore 25Man Horde raiding guild born and breed in Bleeding Hollow.

    Current Progression: 7/12 ToT, 4/6HM MsV, 3/6Hm HoF, 4/4 ToES
    Raid Time: Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu: 8-12pm East Coast Server Time (EST)
    Attendance: 95% requirement
    Established: Dec 2007
    Loot System: EPGP

What we offer.
    Social friendly guild where everyone is called by their first name.
    Strong rated BG team, and lots of Arena players
    Weekend alt/casual/PUG/GDKP raids (optional)
    Lots of achievement nerds who are very active in the game
    Team of solid officers who has been part of our team since day 1.
    We are non-elitist, and view this game as an entertainment rather then a job.

What we seek.
    Exceptional Skill Players who are committed to long term progression
    Players who accountable for their actions in game
    Strong desire to be part of a family of players.

Openings for MOP
    WW/MW Monk
    Shadow Priest
    Feral Druid

As much as we want to recruit you immediately, we need you to apply on our web site or schedule a vent interview to insure you are competent in your class.

We view Bleeding Hollow as our home, and we prefer and give priority to local realm players. please contact Turlis or Gnomeoleon or ArticJim#1135 or Turlis#1662 or Sappora#1724

yay for 4.3 patch
Would a 374 resto shaman be of any interest?
Best people evaaaaaaaar, go apply now!
need healers
free beer and boobies!!!
12/22/2011 09:52 PMPosted by Maerea
free beer and boobies!!!

...i'm in.
Free Mage food.
will heal for hagara pick pocket
(''\(o.O)/'') RAwR.
happy new year
<3 for my 2nd fav guild on BH! (Sry Demoted is still here in spirit! =P)
recruitment is slow, or maybe we are just picky
recruitment is almost close at this point.. great group, and ready to rock.

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