[H]WeeR 7/12 [25Man] Tue/Wed/Thu 25man

Bleeding Hollow
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need more healers at the moment
still need moar people
doing tryouts this week.. get me in game if you are interested
Herd you need a gud hunter?
yes, we finally have an opening for a hunter.
incoming nerf to DS
we are now 5/8, and we need some range dps
bump bump bump it up
warmaster, go go go
need healers again
give Artic the bump!
10% debuff live this week
seeking more healers
join our 25man guild
Ill join your guild if you're willing to feed me gem clusters! Sounds like a good deal right?
Who're some officers I can speak with in game about two experienced raiders joining as casuals? None online atm according to members!
we don't usually recruit casuals, sorry.

and Nique, your nothing but a liar...
just 2 more bosses... still recruiting holy pally, lock, and boomkin

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