[H]WeeR 7/12 [25Man] Tue/Wed/Thu 25man

Bleeding Hollow
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Why do you hate me Jim i have nothing but love for you :(
I don't hate you, but you have join and left almost every guild in this realm. Horde and Alliance.

"The highest spiritual quality, the noblest property of mind a man can have, is this of loyalty ... a man with no loyalty in him, with no sense of love or reverence or devotion due to something outside and above his poor daily life, with its pains and pleasures, profits and losses, is as evil a case as man can be." - ALGERNON CHARLES SWINBURNE, Ode to Mazzini
Guild History: Philosophical > Baker Company > WeeR > Enrage Inc >= Not Quite Right > Skill Capped. Every guild on the server :|

Any other guild title you have seen i was in as a casual/friend rank :(
So front page says you guys do weekend GDKP runs, do those still happen these days? Me gusta..
If you haven't heard, WeeR recently renamed to <WeeR n Aski>
Bump it up!!!
Aski clearly isn't good enough to be included in the guild tag.
<WeeR n My Little Pet Aski> is approved of, though.
Bump need holy pally, lock. boomkin
still have a opening for Holy Pally...

starting to seek players for MoT, pst me for more info
Artic is my bff4lyfe <3
Bump need holy pally, boomy, lock
Now 7/8 Heroic. Still in need of H Pally, Ranged Dps (boomkin, lock, hunter)
Updated 8/8 now. Always looking for more range dps and healers.
Grats you guys!!! Keep up the good work!
Grats dudes and dudettes on your kill.

Aski #8473
seeking more range dps..
seeking mages and warlocks
need more warlocks
this is a great guild, never met anybody that is a prick from there. i always LOVE seeing you guys in tb <3

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