[H]WeeR 7/12 [25Man] Tue/Wed/Thu 25man

Bleeding Hollow
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I'm on this thread!
I love this guild
WeeR gonna need a clean up on aisle poo :3
seeking more heals.
got room for melee too
Page 2? I don't think so.
here it goes. bump
Be part of a progression guild where the driving factor isn't the ego.

Join and be part of the best guild where friendship counts.

bump for heals
healing priest O.o??
we do need a disc priest.
Monk bump, possibly interested if the group I'm in cant get off the ground.
BUMP - Looking for more healers Monk / Shaman / Disc
le bump
bump for awesome players.
To the top... In need of a Resto Shaman / Mist. Monk / Hunter / Possible tank... Also looking at any other classes with good raiding knowledge and performance. Apply today! http://www.weerguild.com/

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