[H]WeeR 7/12 [25Man] Tue/Wed/Thu 25man

Bleeding Hollow
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seeking more mages and spriests
I swear WeeR missing something..
holy priest or disc priest? Guild may be breaking up?
disc priest prefer.
havnt played disc in a while, however I did play disc in my guilds Wind Lord Mel'jarak attempts. I did play Disc for most of Cata so it wouldnt be to hard to change to it. If I apply should I go over my rotations as holy since its what I have been playing? Also all my WoL are in holy
yes, we need more melee
Yo. I'm still in.
Brewpernerd stahp go home you're drunk

yea, we can carry more people
12/11/2012 04:27 PMPosted by Articbear
yes, we need more melee

Still need :)
12/22/2011 09:52 PMPosted by Maerea
free beer and boobies!!!

all we can eat?

and how nice are they
all we can eat?

and how nice are they

Artic is picking up the tab hes a really nice guy :)
where the DPS at
Seems this server only has 1 mage left?

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