Priest Vs Monk

Who will win?

Anyone else worried about the competition?
Since we have very little to go off of as of yet, it's hard to say. Seeing as they are going to be a tank/heal/dps class (from what I've read anyways) I'd say Paladins and Druids will have more competition than Priests will. Plus, I think they are going to be leather wearers, so gear competition will be with Druids.
It is way too early to speculate on this.
i just can't wait to play one! sounds so interesting!

also. yuno. you've always got the cutest hair!
Well just speculating here but it looks like a forth role maybe coming into play here:

Tank, DPS, Direct Healer, Passive Healer
The only concept that could distract me from priesting is a monk. I'm on the edge of my seat (figuratively).
Token redesign in MoP, imo.

Paladin, Druid, Monk, Shaman
Warrior, Hunter, DK, Mage
Priest, Warlock, Rogue

Actually, scratch that. We would have half our raid on PDSM ;_; (hehe. PDSM.)
Feral is going to split into feral/guardian, so that will be an extra one on that token, but it's still balanced.

In any case, I wasn't being serious.
Vanq would have 8 instead of 7 since Feral is getting split into Feral and Guardian.

Paladin (3), Priest (2), Warlock (1), Hunter (1): 7
Warrior (2), Shaman (3), Monk (3): 8
Druid (4), Death Knight (2), Mage (1), Rogue (1): 8
I was just trying to stack as many hybrids on one token as I could.

I could also potentially see them shifting to a totally different token system, possibly only 2.

A.) Druid(4), Shaman(3), Priest(2), Rogue(1), Hunter(1)
B.) Paladin(3), Mage(1), Monk(3). Warrior(2), DK(2), Warlock(1)

11/12 isn't a bad split. Would also lead to less wasted tokens.
I wouldn't really mind it, then again I don't really mind the three tokens. I just hate when we end up vendoring tokens because no one needs them anymore.
11/15/2011 10:53 AMPosted by Nohealshere
With tokenless class system people will get geared too fast, with token class system people will have a hard time getting gear because of rng its a lose lose for us
It won't gear people any faster, it will just be more reliable.
they should just get rid of gear alltogether. CoH system imo. gear is for transmog, use hances to inflate your skills.

also, clearly monks will be op at first, so i will naturally reroll fotm like i always do to compensate for my inadequate play.

edit: classless tokens pretty much do allow groups, and especially good groups to gear "too fast" wherein the definition of "too fast" is there are no wasted tokens. loot rng is possibly the easiest way to slow down gear gain over time, and if that's eliminated dps, healing, and tank survivability go up pdq. remember toc?

plus, we're already really slow at loot council. imagine classless tokens? we'd take up half the raid with loot council.

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