Mage Transmogrification Gear

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01/04/2012 02:04 PMPosted by Antonidus
No-one can beat my fire mage set.

Challenge accepted!
I can't believe no one has used this set. I had to get it after getting the staff of Infinite Mysteries from Kara. Working on getting T2 right now but my dream mog set is the Sunwell Mage Regalia.

That's just the recolor of warlock T2.
I'm wearing my set right now :P
i think my gear is a pretty good fire mage set, green red and purple color theme.
cowle of the illidari, with the tabard and some t7 and 10 work well together.
I am still looking for some different pieces but this is what I have for now.

That's a purdy set!
01/04/2012 02:04 PMPosted by Antonidus
No-one can beat my fire mage set.

I have the same set, except I have Bloodfyre Mage Robes of Annihilation and Red Mageweave tabard. I think it looks better, but that's just my personal preference. I used to have the same robes and tabard, but it always seemed to be lacking.

You also need "Flame Keeper" as you title, phoenix hatcling and the flameward hippogryph for authenticity (if you don't have these already).

I dumped my fire set for the time being because I'm set on what I'm currently wearing. My S&M mask and pasty, blue, probably moist skin for all to see. Although I'm tempted to get the Firelord's Hood to go full Skeletor! If I do, I demand to fight a human warrior dressed as He-man.
01/23/2012 09:46 AMPosted by Tiandrad
u look like you're about to star in a german !@#$ flick

Then mission accomplished.
Representing Ulduar. I don't see a lot of these running around on my server. Let's me show off my sexy legs as well...............................I work out.................
This is my set, it's basically the season 2 pvp gear with one of the new cloaks. I think it looks really nice, and it's not too flashy or anything.
<My set.....not too shabby
Hello mages, I'm fire, I match my set?
Just got this all last night, I think its pretty sick for a fire mage
going for a sylvanas's banshee possie look
Bloodmage set on undead still looks awesome.
I know it's old school, but just need the chest from T1. Love that look. So for now I'm using the chest from AQ and look like a classy hooker. enjoy!
I was going for somewhat of an armored mystical witch look. I just need to change my name to match, but everything I want is already taken.

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