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When this toon was faction changed to Horde back in Wrath it automatically reset a lot of Northend zones with regards to questing. I was a pre-cata Loremaster but also went back and redid all of the zones to see them again.

I was trying to figure out exactly what quests I was missing and from where and came accross this add on called quest completist. ( It has the ability to do a server querry to figure out which quests you have and have not completed and will mark undone quests on your map.

This has been amazing for letting me locate dozens of quests out there that I somehow overlooked or missed. Sadly I found I didn't go the direction intended for a fwe zones and some breadcrumbs are gone and no longer obtainable. I also found out that I missed a few quests started by drops in Silverpine and can no longer hand them in due to the zone's phasing.

If you're a nut like me and want to make sure you see all the game has to offer this is an amazing add on and you should check it out.
I absolutely hate this add on because it includes several breadcrumb quests that cannot be obtained if you accidentally bypassed them, which I apparently did in excess when the Shattering happened in the rush to get Loremaster 2.0 prior to the release of Cata.

I recently found Wowhead's character profiler quest tab very helpful in serving to show what quests I've missed.
QC is excellent for loremaster-wannabe's and it's very convenient as an in-game resource (can show you where all the NPCs are on your world map). Wowhead is excellent and complete and great if you want to check your quests, etc. while not in-game or you are deft at alt-tabbing.

I use(d) both!
I have been trying to complete the zone achievements and almost always end up a couple quests short of completing a zone. It was recommended that I use this add-on. I have flown all over the (Howling Fjord) zone looking for missed quests. I downloaded it and tried it out. I changed the settings to hide all the quests I have completed, all quests for non related races, factions,etc., but there are still little yellow ! everywhere. I checked the list on this add-on and all the ! are all yellow (except one blue daily). I am only missing ONE quest but can't find it! Is there something I am missing about this add-on?
Lacey, you missed:

Swabbin' Soap (given on a boat deck down off the pirate island in the south west)
Eyes of the Eagle (given out by Ulfang the wolf in a cave near Gjalerbron, but only while you wear the wolf costume)
Alpha Worg (follow up to Eyes)

Plus two breadcrumbs you won't be able to get anymore since you did subsequent quests.
Open Quest Completist in game (type "/qc" to launch), the Quest Completist window will open. There's a "categories" button near the top right of the window. Hit that and mouse over the "settings" button near the bottom of the pop up. "Clear Update Cache" and "Perform Server Query" should update all your data. Then hit the "Filters" button near the bottom right of the Completist window. There you can choose to hide all completed quests, etc. Then you can generate a list of any quests you haven't done with names of the NPC/quest givers. This addon can be really helpful.
Thank you Loy, you have made me very very happy :) :) :)
Have never used QC, but I used QuestHub to get my Loremaster....havent used it since, but it does the same thing. Marks all the quests that you havent completed on the map. I never had an issue with it =)
How did you do a sever inquiry? I just got quest completist but now i can't figure out how to use it in the game
I just downloaded this addon and it doesnt show where any of the quests are. Any ideas?
Major necro and maybe the addon is no longer maintained?
For some reason the available quests do not show up on the world map or mini map. The ones I am working on do, but not the ! quests. Yes, I have the option checked to show icons on the map.

Any ideas?


PS: Im a L91 DK in Shadowmoon Valley. There are lots of quests that show up on the list for the zone, but not on the map.
Scruffies , they show up on the list for the zone probably because the system you're on does not have them as completed.
This will happen if you used 2 systems to play WoW ; if you installed QC after starting in the zone , or if the database has been reset.

There's a way of downloading your completed quests and updating the QC file with the results.
You will need to modify the downloaded file to match the QC file format.

I've done this before, but I've forgotten where to download the completed quests from the WoW community site.
Please assist. thanks in advance.

Update : the page is<realm>/<character name>?fields=quests

For a quote mark, use %27 . eg : Dath'Remar becomes dath%27remar
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Major necro
thank you..... very helpful

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