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I fully disagree.

We've been in Firelands for months and still do not have all of our tokens. MONTHS of week to week clears.

This is not fun for us. So then you said "hey, we're putting more gear for valor to make up for our terrible RNG system" (my paraphrase) and now you want to deemphasize valor points.

It's not as if we don't play more than enough already, now we'll be forced to play more, regardless of what you think we should do. Now it'll take longer to get your replacement gear, and longer to get tier tokens. Nobody really wantds LFR gear, it is a half-tier lower, and raiding with people who are not our friends.

11/17/2011 09:00 PMPosted by Frankyzappa
You know, a system that allows us to exchange tier tokens for other tier tokens would be nice. Or, hey! Maybe actually when you kill a boss, you can choose what pieces to get from them!

Sort of like... ICC?

I really miss those tokens.
We're a 10 man raiding guild, not setting the world on fire, but rolling along well enough.

Reducing the VP gain from bosses just makes us more vulnerable to the vagaries of the loot drops (as an example Obsidium Cleaver, BIS and only one handed str weapon from this tier iirc, we've not seen one drop yet, neither of our warrior tanks has gained an upgraded tanking weapon this tier (from raiding)); but the change is pretty minor in raw numbers. Probably means I'll be doing more dungeons out of raid in order to cap out for the week, which I'm less than enthusiastic about. In the short term, the new dungeons will be interesting, longer term: means repeating the same content over and over.

Disagree with the less need for valour: If there's a cap people will feel obliged to get it each week, be it 500 or 3000 valour. The "need" will not reduce because gear drops from bosses. We feel obliged to get max valour each week until such time as we can no longer get upgrades from the valour vendors, otherwise we're letting the rest of the team/raid down.

If you want to reduce the need for valour, make the cap lower, or increase the amount of valour from the bosses such that we're tapped out for valour vendor upgrades in relatively short order, (don't have any BoE Valour stuff, maybe some BoA stuff), only then will players not feel like they're obliged to cap their weekly earned valour.
Lowering the rate of receiving Valor has no impact on anything unless the valor cap is reduced as well.

All it does is force people to do 5 man in addition to raids to reach the valor cap.

That being said, having "more opportunity for raid drops" doesn't remove valor's role as the RNG fighter and the filler for items that few specs need (the other being rep).

It is also a way for people to catch up quickly.. for better or for worse.
Now this is what I like to see. Back to Vanilla all the way to patch 3.1 in WotLK mechanics to when it comes to tier gear. Cata was on a nice start when only helm and shoulders could be obtained in normal raids so it's nice to see how all must be earned in a raid again. THANK YOU.
I'm a competitive guy so it's nice to have this come 4.3 :D WOOT
11/17/2011 10:45 PMPosted by Brocksamsn
This move is all for the business, not for the player.

Yeah, I'm a bit worried. Looks like Blizz is planning on dragging out 4.3 like they did with ICC before MoP comes out.
11/17/2011 11:07 PMPosted by Brocksamsn
It's going to make it harder for less experienced players to get geared.

This has nothing to do with it. 4.3 is also bringing the random raid finder, a way for "less experienced" and bad players to force other people to raid with them.

This has, from what I can tell, every intention of simply dragging out 4.3 content to keep subscribers. Less people will quit when they still have gear to gain from killing bosses. Once people have their entire BiS gear, chances are they'll quit. This is a way for Blizzard to slow the gearing process while they work on MoP.
Really like this change due to the fact I hate welfare epics just really wish they didn't flip it to where PvE no longer offers welfare epics but PvP will now. Make it where ppl have to work for their gear. People will complain saying "we do not want to do raids, farm heroics, or do arenas/rbgs" I will admit I hate farming too with a passion but its something about farming that you know gives you a reason to play like take right now for example I hate PvE cause it came to the point that I no longer need anything from the VP vendor cause I have gotten everything way too soon which made PvE boring to me so I only look foward to FL once a week. PvP is also the same I find it boring cause only reason I do bgs is for !@#$s and giggles I only look foward to Arenas cause its a chance for new gear. Sorry for rambling and and a truck full of text.
This is a bad idea. From my view point ofcourse.

Currently I play this char (enhancement shaman) and Blood DK. With 4.3 I will also play on my rogue to get a shot a the legendary. :P

For my enhancement shaman 6/17 is BiS gears, 3/17 gears which are not BiS but the only option (Neck, Back and Relic). I calculated the total time it will take for me to get all these gears to be 11 weeks with VP capping each week without fail.

And this is just for my enhancement shaman, it would take me 10 weeks for VP gears on my DK and same 10 weeks for my rogue IF I get to play him.

With this changes I doubt I will be able to play my alts anytime soon. This is a very bad idea for those with alts.

I understand that blizz is worried about what would happen after everyone has all the VP gear but this is no way to go around for this. If you are concerned about what players would do after they have obtained all the needed gears with VP, then give us some other option to use out VP like you did we conquest conversion. Allow players to purchase transmoging gears with VP just like we can purchase tier 9 and 10.

The basic concept with this is that transmorging gears are not compulsory for character development but just a visual option. Use this concept on the gears which you have put up in Darkmoon Fair Island. That way we can use spare VP after we are done with the real gearing up and not get screwed over by changes which you feel are necessary but in the end players suffer.

I humbly request you not to go on with this changes. It will mess up gearing alts anytime soon. :(
imo ppl argue about this because gearing alts will be harder well I only have one thing to say to that "QQ more" gearing an alt to be just as geared as your main is utterly stupid there is a reason its called an alt because its not your main and if you alt is just as geared as your main its not an alt and your main is not your main if you complain about something like that we might as well call this game World of Altcraft.
11/18/2011 12:05 AMPosted by Sòrrów
imo ppl argue about this because gearing alts will be harder well I only have one thing to say to that "QQ more" gearing an alt to be just as geared as your main is utterly stupid there is a reason its called an alt because its not your main and if you alt is just as geared as your main its not an alt and your main is not your main if you complain about something like that we might as well call this game World of Altcraft.

No, I'm "qq-ing" because I'm a raider and I don't want to have to run 5 mans to cap my valor points, because Blizzard decided it's ok to leave spirit cloth drops out of raids as long as the valor vendor has them. I don't give a damn about my alts, all my alts use any valor points they earn to buy BOE items to sell so my main has more gold.
One thing needs t be kept in mind with the RF: The groups will be very random in composition since no one (Raidleader) has a handle on it. So if a Disc priest or Druid healer is preferred than this might be lacking for some fights.

I think this will work out better than before for casual players and strong guilds can still play within their ranks.

I also agree that it shouldn't be to easy to get good gear. However one problem will always persist and that is elites vs noobs. With the RF some elites are afraid to get noobs in which will spoil it.

This is a problem that even Blizz cannot solve :) its up to all players to support each other - the chain is only as strong as the weakest link :)

This is the biggest piece of crap blizz has come up with so far. The very first reply on this thread pretty much sums it up.

As if real life isn't full enough of haves and have nots. blizz wanna make it a staple part of the game too. nice work guys.

I'm looking at dropping my sub (again). Game just isn't fun anymore. Too much grind for too little reward. Boring blizz.
It's funny how you guys seem to still be in the dark. With losing over a million customers, you still don't seem to understand why. But reading this thread, I can see one of the many reasons for that right here. You've lost so many, how long before you guys wake up?

I almost don't think you're in control of designing your own game anymore, I remember, who was it, your CEO? Saying he was gonna hammer out content faster, nerf everything to the ground and do 'everything he had to do, to get more subs' and how have those methods been working out for you? We're up to 1.5 million lost now? Many quit for personal reasons, I know a few myself, but I would bet to wager alot of the ones you're losing after over things like this.

Your community is very angry with this, will you do anything to rectify it before patch 4.3 goes live? Doubtful. Go back to listening to your community when it counts.

I signed over my soul to you for another 12 months to get D3 for free but only because well, I like my characters and my guildmates more than I hate the changes being made to seemingly purposely ruin this game. If not for my love for my characters that I worked so hard on and my friends who I've met, you would have been counting me among the ones who quit. Another guild member also said the same. We've had others quit the game over the poor design decisions like nerfing content and now don't even have a full raid team anymore. We're still questioning why we keep putting up with this and how much before the few things that keep us playing, just won't cut it anymore.

How long before you wake up guys?

Edit: The truly sad part about this post is that I used to really love this game and I always said you guys were the best game designers in the market, and that WoW had so many players for a good reason. Cataclysm had me very excited until a few months in, then the nerfs began and this Expac has instead of re-affirming my love for the game, it's taken my faith to the edge of the void. Sadly, it doesn't seem you learned and MOP won't fix any of what is wrong but I guess we'll see.

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