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less vp to be aquired thru many dgs and raids will make it more funny to watch ppl try to get gear off the vendor to sell for big amounts of gold lol good money maker now players have to go back to farming more poor poor ppl lol but i do wonder how ever when can we see the stats of this new teir 13 pve gear and stats of the new to be bosses we will face im intrested in knowing if it will be more challenging for me i love challenges
That would be great only if the 10-25 man loot system was fixed it is a little bit lop sided atm.

Might be fixable with a 2X a week raid lock out for 10 mans. becuse the same tier drop for 5 weeks in a row helps gear up everyone.....
11/17/2011 09:03 AMPosted by Dribble
One step closer to eliminating welfare tier!

lol, I love this comment!
Probably been said, but I can't filter through 24 pages of this....

My issue is that I calculate a total of 16,700 VP worth of new items. That is 17 weeks of hitting the weekly cap (cap is 1k per week now??)

Idealistically one is getting loot from boss kills and then using VP to fill in the gaps. I think that is the design intent. I just don't agree that there is a "shift away from VP being as important" when there are still so many items to buy with VP for such a hefty price.

I'm fortunate to be in a mostly-successful raid team. I can't imagine being some of my friends in more casual guilds that still don't have full 378 gear, which should be the benchmark for casual gameplay per 4.2. In 4.3 I guess it will take those same casuals about 3-4 months of vp farming with the occasional boss kill or two to "win."

Whatever happened to that new theory of "smaller stuff more frequently?" It seems we're still in a mode of "tons of stuff once in awhile."

tldr; if you don't want people to care about VP as much, make VP gear cost less, or make less VP gear available.

You should have learned by now, if it is available, people will want it.
I'm just going to copy and paste this from my other thread...

You want to lower the emphasis on requiring Valor Points, yet you didn't lower the valor cap.

Most players, especially raiders, are obligated to cap their valor points every week. Whether if it is for certain Best-In-Slot pieces, cloth gear with spirit, or even just to sell the BoE ones, players will reach their valor cap for the majority of 4.3 (Ironically there are even more items available from the valor point vendors than ever before). Because the recent valor point change did not lower the valor point cap, all the change effectively did was force raiders to have to do the heroic 5 mans every week if they wish to cap. It doesn't matter if they kill all of Dragon Soul and the Baradin Hold boss, they still won't be able to reach the cap with only 100 per boss.

How is that fair to raiders? They choose to do end-game content, and you are forcing them to do 5 mans dungeons in order to reach their end goal. This goes against everything you've spoken about doing in Mists of Pandaria, and the Conquest Point change. The Conquest Point change made it so players that did not enjoy arena could still achieve conquest points through regular battlegrounds. All is well in PvP, because players can do what they want to earn their points.

Yet, you're telling us that a group of players that put together 25 people and do normal mode/hard mode Dragon Soul, is undeserving of reaching their cap from the raid alone? Is it not sad that even downing Deathwing will not reach our cap, yet running mindless 5 mans will?

The goal was to lower the desire and necessity for Valor Points, yet you didn't even lower the cap. That means players are still going to end up getting the same points per week. Lowering the amount that bosses drop does nothing, and goes against your idea that "we want players to feel that downing bosses is important, and that they should drop the loot."

So while your Conquest Point change's goal was to allow PvP players to choose how they wish to play, your poor Valor Point change just slapped raiders in the face, because apparently killin
Can we please have our old HARD raids back where progression actually took all week and not 4 hours? some of us actually loved raiding Ulduar. In addition, the ability to change from Reg to Heroic with a UI feature is stupid. Make people work for what they want and it will be more rewarding. >Insert XT hardmode heart kill photo<
How are they doing the reset of VP ? is our current VP going to be converted to JP and added on top of the current JP we got ? or are we getting gold instead ?

Any Gm able to let us know?
The best thing to do right now is to give what Blizzard has implemented a go for a couple of weeks, then send in your feedback again. But in my opinion, many of our suggestions will fall on deaf ears.

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