Raids, Arenas, Rated BGs

Uber Knights is continuing the push to build up as one day the number one guild. This time we've got more to add. With multiple well geared pvp'rs we're looking to recruit and invite More pvp'rs with the talents and skills to go far into arenas and Rated Battle Grounds. We'd love to be one of the first RBG Guilds on Dalaran to be feared. We are a later night guild. All Events will be in the time range of 11pm-4am, Mostly on weekends. We've got much to offer. The Leader for the raid groups we're looking to recruit for is casually progressing through the Dragon Soul on PTR. So join us now for a great chance to succeed in many ways comes 4.3!

If your interested contact:
or send me in-game mail and I'll inform my BF of your interest and send you an invite.
Raiders Are Required to apply.

Working on the system to set up for pvp'rs (pondering a possible gold rewarding system for Rated Battlegrounds.) Keep noted if and when system is figured and implemented all members looking to be in the Rated Battleground group must apply to website.

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