Burn mana in pvp

Every time i run into a priest in an arena we loose, even if me and my partner out gear them by an entire pvp tier, they win no matter what because the priest can burn my mana like that! whereas no other class has a method to burn mana besides just dishing out dps, holy priests all ready have a stun and if your disc you can absorb almost everything. No matter what we try we cannot defeat them, silence: they run away
stun: they trinket, there's no winning against priests in arenas, so i hope that mana burn would be not allowed in arena, like LoH or AoD.
Try HoJing. Or Rebuking. Or LOSing. It's a 2.5 second cast. Both you and your partner are doing it wrong if you're letting a priest freecast on you for that long.
Someone complaining about mana burn being overpowered?
A holy paladin complaining about mana burn being overpowered?

Do you hear that rumble off in the distance?
Something wicked this way comes...
Cant los when your stuck in posistion by their partner and that they stay at a range....
Trinket, Divine Protection/Radiance sprint?

What's your partner doing while you get freecasted on? Looks like you run with a frost dk. Are you sure their computer is turned on? Are they connected to the internet?
11/19/2011 02:36 PMPosted by Rilke
Are they connected to the internet?

LMAO nice
Everyone who complains about Mana Burn basicaslly paints a sign on their forehead: I SUCK.
9 unenchanted items
Missing Ebonsteel Belt Buckle

They may just out enchant you.

You have VERY little exp in pvp and arenas but who cares. You get out played by a stun-trinketing disc and you want them all nerfed.

First, you need to look at yourself and find out what YOU need to do, like enchant your gear/ upgrade it to become a better player. Watch some videos, read, something before you go off crying that because you will not take time to learn your class or comp --you lose to someone and you want them nerfed.

Really why IS it always a holy pally?

personally, i think the priest is a knob for thinking oom'ing a pally in 2s has any effect on his ability to heal
It's always a paladin.

Here's the secret, and I honestly shouldn't be telling you this. Mana burn is a 2.5 second cast. In order to prevent it from landing, you need to be behind LoS for the last 0.1 seconds of the cast. So keep the priest on focus, and when you see the cast finish, just duck behind something.
Look, man. LOS, pop out, instant cast, LOS, repeat.
I'll give up mana burn when you actually have to cast something.
And why do you need mana?, use your Holy Power!

And I want a 5 second stun and silence as Disc!!

(My main is a disc priest, pallys are boooring)
Have ur dk respec uh and just eat the priest while his partner is HoJ'd. UH can alo drop an amz oner u if u absolutly cant los him.
Pretty much what everyone else already said. You're getting outplayed, and obviously don't know much about your class or arena.

I've seen holy paladins go from 128 mana, read that again, 128, not 1,280, not 128,000, but 128 mana... all the way back up to around 50k in a matter of seconds, they do this while being trained by dps, and casting. Give me some sort of cheap !@# mechanic like that and I'll gladly give you my mana burn.
I WISH people were as easy as you to mana burn in arena. I'm LUCKY if I get more than one cast off before the enemy healer runs behind something and during that time his teammate is chewing my face. Seriously I rarely get the chance to use it, only against bad healers who stand there wondering why their mana is being drained.
Holy Pallies Dont need Mana to Heal.....
Like this person, mostly priests are defending mana burn.
The fact is, if my warlock can no longer mana drain, why can a priest mana burn? I'm totally unconcerned with it's effectiveness or whether it's unfair or not. It was taken from warlocks, why not from priests.

SO, now I will base my arguement on the effects it has to class balace. I will breifly give a few reasons why mana burn is broken along with options on how to fix/balance it.

First, mana burn on it's own would not be too terribly threatening if priests could not offensive dispell. As a paladin, I already have to think hard on whether or not to use divine plea and heal only 50% during its duration. Is that not enough? But to have a priest dispell my mana regen after getting 2-3 mana burns off on me? That may be a bit much. One option to help the issue would be to nerf priest dispell, such as perhaps adding a short cooldown for offensive dispelling.

Second, I understand that many priests are simply mana ineffecient. Perhaps mana burn is a compensation to level the playing ground. However, I've met priests who were capable enough to last as long as, if not longer than me in arenas. And bluntly put, they spend 3k mana to burn 11k of mine. Did someone fall down the stupid tree when deciding its mana cost? You have no idea how often I lol at the "It drains my mana too" defense. Sure, drain 30k mana to completely drain me. I'm positive you're feeling the effects. In short, depending on how you read this paragraph there could be two issues with mana burn, it's cost or the mana drained. Either buff the cost (Around 75% higher mana cost, or around 5-7k cost for a cast) or have resil mitigate mana drained (And thus damage done). For example, my 35% damage reduction would reduce 35% of mana drained. Rather than being hit for 11k mana, I'd be hit for around 7-8k mana at the cost of the priests 3k mana.

Finally, and more personally, I only seem to have issues with the priests mana burn in instances where leaving los simply is impossible. In these instances, mana burn becomes a spammable no brainer to any priest who knows how to bubble their partner and cast power infusion. When a rogue gets a 5 point KS on me, a priest with power infusion can cast 3 mana burns before I can even move, let alone get to cover, so usually 3-5 mana burns with a coordinated move. Does this take some level of skill? Yes and no. All it really takes is communication. Also, when I land in ring of valor against a priest, I pretty much spend the next 3 minutes wondering why my mana bar disappeared of my ui. For this issue, I feel a short cd on mana burn would be most effecient. No more than 3-5 seconds would be needed, just long enough to make mana burn a little less spammable.

In conclusion, mana burn's effect is not too terribly game breaking, only the freedom with which it can be abused. Something that can drain mana so quickly without even the defense of resilence is perhaps just too much. You priests MUST NOT forget, your mana burn also does damage. It costs about the same as smite, deals damage equal to half mana burned (Around 5400 shadow damage on me, which isn't mitigated by resil [About the same as my disc priest's smite]) then takes about 10,900 of my mana. Why should such a damaging spell cost a mere 3k mana with no cd? It shouldn't. In short, rather than screwing with dispell, I think mana burned should be mitigated by resil or a 3-5 second cool down (I'd prefer 3) should be added to the spell.
since when do holy pals need mana to heal, anyway?
11/21/2011 11:00 AMPosted by Gymnopedie
I WISH people were as easy as you to mana burn in arena. I'm LUCKY if I get more than one cast off before the enemy healer runs behind something and during that time his teammate is chewing my face. Seriously I rarely get the chance to use it, only against bad healers who stand there wondering why their mana is being drained.

I'm no huge fan of mana burn. I think it needs to be slightly tweaked before it's exactly arena balanced. However, you perhaps are just not getting the most out of your mana burn. The way it is now, I would abuse the living daylights out of it if I had it. All the comps I go against that manage to get a good chucnk of my mana are composed of classes with decent control (Although rogue/priest seems to take more of my mana than most others). Not all priests will be able to get it off at such a level as the OP experienced, however my guess is that the OP just wasn't exactly playing to the best of the ability a Holy Paladin has. Your comp, which I'm too lazy to check, may just not be suited to mana burning. Perhaps invest in a rogue or dk who's particularly good with their cc's if you want to have a shot, but you shouldn't expect to get more than 3-5 off pretty much ever in one spam burst, taking power infusion into account.

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