leveling as boomkin

should i just give it up? it seems to be the worst class BY FAR for leveling... i take like 20+% of my hp in damage per random mob... maybe i'm doing it wrong.
well i seem to be getting better results staying out of boomkin and keeping rejuv rolling on myself while i kill stuff.
What kind of armor are you wearing? "Moonkin" Druids use Leather armor because they're casters and need lots of armor. It seems you're wearing cloth.
I do not have the same problem as you, and I am leveling one up right now.
the only "cloth" piece i'm wearing is my cape

level as feral

you can go boom in northrend if ya want.

or just level through LFG as resto/boom
Yeah when it comes to hybrids, if I plan on questing most of the way, I usually go for the melee or tank spec. You dont have to worry about being at range and can usually take down more than one mob without trouble. Melee specs are *usually* more efficient to level with overall because of how they play.

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