What is best PvP class.

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12/05/2011 04:40 PMPosted by Restopresto
My hunter also seems to get regularly owned by rogues

Then you're doing it as wrong as you possibly could. I can only think of 3 classes that should be able to regularly beat rogues of higher skill level and hunter is number 1 followed by mage and feral.
i hit 85 not to long ago but what i have been seeing is really good warlocks and shams.... some mages are amazing too
TRY A BLOOD DK! survivability is insane, can get 4k crits (with skills in the right place) and heal themselves during battle with death strike... try and see for urself....
dk frost
priest shadow
sham elemental
hunter survival
warlock affliction
mage fire
rogue sub
warrior arms
druid balance
deal the most dos in php and are most easily used or at least in my experience
11/22/2011 08:52 AMPosted by Thorzz
Holy Pally, non-ccable and virtually invincible against equal gear/skill.

Except rogues, they are all-viable, meaning viable in anything.
06/09/2012 05:25 PMPosted by Brendacer
dk frost

Why even list Frost as your first choice... ( I looked at your armory & understood, you're a fresh DK trying to say a Frost DK is in your listings & you're clueless. Frost is great in a BG.. hands down (that I agree).

Clearly you have no understanding of how a DK works yet. Frost is one of the easiest trained specs in arena & your spec is bad, not even counting the no gems.. & whatever else..

Here// let me show some numbers, since you clearly have no clue..


As of May 11 ( the next update to the link should be this week coming).. The majority of rated DK I'd bet a dime to donuts that they are Unholy in high rated Arena. Frost is the perfect example of a paper glass cannon atm.


2600 Yea.. that 2% rep holds alot of water.. yea, Warriors sitting at 1% is also cute ://

2400 Dk as a whole sit at 5%.. look at every other class on that rating % over us. Only others that have suffered harder this expac has been Warriors (sorry guys).

2200.. sure 7% sounds cool & all at 2200 rating..

Now compare the % of other classes rep, not counting Warriors.

This expac... there has been hard counters to each plate melee class to the extreme. I'm sure the only reason Pali hold a good rep is because of there healing spec & the nitch of WoG for Ret.

Warr & Dk as Classes have been hard boned this expac in high rated Arena.

//In before someone tries to make an rebuttal of a spec compared to class 11111

//In before you don't know what your talking about.. played this char since 09 as main, & hardcore researcher. Pvp isn't my most fav, I tend to focus pve.. but eh. I do roll around in a BG for funs. Lately life doesn't agree with play & interweb is sketch since i live on the beach, .. salt has killed my packet rate .. till I move soonish :) For the last yr .. such has really killed any guild involvement, getting kicked off line during a Raid .. just isn't cool for me or the raid group.. so I just doodle around theses days ://

edit: hell, I haven't even logged in in a month :///

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