[A-10] Insurgence is Recruiting!

Earthen Ring
If you're progression raid oriented, and looking for a home for your character(s), then come see what we have to offer.

Who We Are
Insurgence was created in late WotLK near the end of the summer before the Cataclysm expansion. We started as a group of friends from our prior guild with the intent of raiding and clearing 10 man content in Cataclysm. We're currently progressing through normal mode Dragon Soul, with intentions of venturing into heroic mode once it is unlocked.

We do our best to maintain a fun, social, open lighthearted environment while keeping high standards of dedication and performance in our raids. There is an adult atmosphere abound in this guild, but that does not mean disrespect or any type of harassment is tolerated.

What We Need
We're currently looking for the following class:

We'll also looking to bolster are casual player ranks. These are the type of folks who aren't looking for a steady raiding spot, or don't have time to commit to a every day schedule, but instead just want a home with a bunch of fun, sometimes hilarious, and just a tad bit insane group of folks.

Please visit http://insurgence-er.shivtr.com/ and fill out our recruitment application. The link is on the front page!

Raiding Schedule
Wednesday: 8-11
Thursday: 8-11
Sunday: 8-11

What We Expect
We expect our raiding members to have high attendance rate and to normally be able to sign up to all raid days. However we do recognize that the real world happens and expect all members/applicants to provide a simple call and or in-game note that you can't make it ahead of time. Remember others are dependent on you showing up, it's the only decent thing to do. We are a relatively tight-knit group of people, and we try to provide everyone that common courtesy.

Gear isn't a deciding factor, as we are looking for skill first, gear second. We're also willing to teach the right candidate if the potential is there. So if you're interested, and feel you have what it takes, contact one of the people listed below or visit our website and apply.

Officers to Contact
Issden\Anubas (GM)
Trenum/Jartemiz /Tormecki

As a bit of an explanation our preference for a cloth ranged DPS is solely based on clothies being very underrepresented in our guild. If you have a different ranged DPS you're considering please apply. Similarly, if you have a clothie who you feel might be a bit undergeared apply anyway.

We are firm believers that we recruit the player; not the character. So long as you demonstrate a solid understanding of your class and game mechanics well... gear can always be improved / obtained.

It's even better if you want to apply...and actually stay!

To the top with you!

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