What druid spec will everyone be for Mop?

For Me- Feral Kitty for MS and Guardian for off
Not entirely sure honestly. Debating chicken/guardian, but may go chicken/resto depending on how likely I am to get guild groups and how quickly.
Restro boomkin! FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kitty and Resto
I have 2 Druids, so all of the above? I'm not one for PvP though, so that perhaps makes the choice easier :).
bear/cat, as usual

well, unless they allow 2 more specialization slots - then i dont mind rolling all 4 and keeping each set a proper gear

which, tbh - if you guys wants us to be hybrids that badly, why not just expend the spec slots instead?
I´ll be the four of them with the same char. Probably Guardian for raids.

For PvP, Kitty obviously.
feral, always.
i will stay bear till it's no longer an option i love seeing my fuzzy behind tanking a ton of mobs lol
Moonkin main spec, restoration offspec
11/26/2011 11:10 AMPosted by Sevoac
DK. Druid has been gutted over this and the next expansion imo.

DK will still be my main but my kitty won't be far behind.
Guardian or Boomkin for OS.
not playing any specc or this game in mop
I'll still be kitty/resto although I mainly have been playing resto over the last few years in both pve and pvp. I do enjoy my kitty spec though. Never was a boomkin fan but may pick up tanking once again.
wait i thought all the druids were rerolling monk.


I'm not allowed to reroll, so i'll still be resto/moonkin

oh snap liss! MVP!!!!!! woooooooo.

i'll be some mix of feral specs. feral / guardian / feral pvp / guardian pvp?

Feral, if I get the XP that is. I will not heal for this at all.
wait i thought all the druids were rerolling monk.


Only the bad ones.
Frost. :D

No, but really. I"ll still be boomkin resto. I have a DK for fulfill my melee/tank needs.
Currently cat/bear, so in MoP I'll go Feral/Guardian. Fear my mews of doom!
Feral. I've been a kitty since the day I rolled this character back in BC. Even if we get smacked with a giant nerf bat, I'm still going to play my favorite spec.

Offspec will almost certainly be Guardian.

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