Someone has offered you 100k gold

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i got the mount i want and plenty of good
I would so do it in a heart beat reasons you ask?

1. Who couldn't use another mount for their collection?

2. It would most likely delete someones account who is bad or is a gold farmer.

3. I'm a jerk and would have no remorse for him.

4. The Box, and The Twilight Zone are based on fiction much like our beloved WoW so none of this woud actually happen.

*looks over and sees hubby's characters randomly being deleted* Success!!
YES! Mimirons Head ftw!!!!!

I'd never be able to live with the guild of knowing what I'd done to some pour soul. The 100k gold and Onyxia Mount (Thats what I would have picked btw, so freaking awesome) just aren't worth it.
Random person, no. Some jerk I don't like yes.

Well, maybe if I could stipulate that the person wiped was someone who posted on the forums that they were quitting. That'd teach them to lie to me.
11/17/2011 11:04 AMPosted by Parithimas
I'd never be able to live with the guild of knowing

I totally want to start a guild now, and call it "The Guild of Knowing".

I would like to know how long this random person has been playing. If you havnt learned to protect yourself from hacking. Then this would be your lesson. Secure your account. I learned the heard way.
gold and a mount? psh, no. laughable.

highest level raid and pvp gear, full enchants, gems and the legendary staff.. yeah ill delete a few random accounts for that. lol :p
As much as I love gold AND mounts...I would say no.

I agree it would be awesome if the account deleted was a gold seller, but there's still a huge chance that it would be a fellow player that may have worked way harder for their gear and such than you. I wouldn't be able to live with myself if something like that happened.
..and a mount of your choice. However, if you take it... all the characters on 1 random persons account will be deleted and won't be able to be restored.

Would you do it?

I'm just curious..
yes... because there are far more inactive/dead accounts than active/living ones... so the odds of getting an account that nobody plays is more likely.

also.. you can hit 85 in 2-3 days now.... so it isnt nearly as terrible as it used to be to level.. (and after all... that is what the entire cataclysm expansion was for it seems... the lvl 1-60 content and thats about it)

so in this particular instance... yeah i would push it.
11/16/2011 09:53 AMPosted by Grenaday
Surprising morals claimed by the posters. I'd do it. Who cares? It's been over 6 years. They can level a new alt and get all those achievements back.

You're right.

Go back and get Tripping The Rifts again.

Or how about you go get Herald of The Titans?

Even better: you can help me go back and get my original ZA bear mount and ZG tiger mount.

Oh wait, those aren't in the game any more. Joke's on you, I suppose.

As much as people can really annoy or even sometimes anger me, that is no excuse for being rude or mean to them. It's the principle of the thing.
Hmmm. I don't know. I guess my question is if we can do it multiple times. I'm not sure I could pick between:

Smoldering Egg of Millagazor
Reins of the Onyxian Drake
Mimiron's Head
Invincible's Reins
Big Love Rocket

...oh, and about the other people being wiped... Well... /pray they are inactive account(s) I suppose.
Yea Yea.. When the offer comes to you in game all of a sudden, I doubt any of these ppl saying ""NO"" Would actually do it.

M'I RIGHT?????

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