[A] Knights of Other Realms recruiting

Knights of Other Realms is a casual, laid back, family oriented 10-man raiding guild looking for more members to run with our second raiding group.

Our progression:
Firelands: 7/7 Normal
BWD: 6/6 Normal
BoT: 4/4 Normal
To4W: 2/2 Normal

We are currently recruiting all classes to join our ranks. While we do not require you to have raiding experience, we do require our raiders to be courteous, attentive, and well-prepared. This means keeping it PG in guild chat and raid Teamspeak (yes, we use TS), being able to move out of the fire, and gearing your toon with the best equipment possible without raiding.

Our second raiding group will be on Tuesday, starting at 8:00 PM server time.

If you’re interested, please send a tell, or in-game mail with the character you’re applying with to myself(Nymerias) or Helwin.
hi im a holy pally LF a guild i am not on dalaran willing to transfer though, i have raid exp on my priest cleared all of 4.1 content then stopped paying him(didnt like priest) so i switched to pally. anyway my raid times are tues and thur anytime and i want to get started in FL u can replay to post or ingame mssg me on skullcrusher


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