<H> Final Tragic Death RBG Guild Recruiting

FTD is a level 25 guild that is PVP oriented with an RBG focus. We have over 200 Active 1600+ RBG players not including alts.

Recruiting high level players to team up with in the new season.

Currently looking for more 2k+ players. Must have full ruthless and atleast Champion title from season 10.

We are looking to run as many high level teams as possible when the new season hits.

We currently run mid and high RBG's daily.

We just purged anyone under 1600 RBG rating and will continue to raise the bar as we move forward. We have good strong dedicated mature leadership working daily to improve the guild and maintain our focus as we move up the ladder.

Contact Milkmyzugzug or Ingemar via in-game mail if interested. We armory before response.

Lets get there togehter, Join today!
We know people have gotten carried to ratings and such that is common. We are doing evaluations in Wargames to assess which players can possibly make it at high levels of PVP.

By removing those that cant hit 1600+ it makes it easier to group in the new season with people that have the potential of playing their class and show they are active and motivated to raise their own bar to thier highest potential of play.

Even if their level of play is not above 2k we will full heartedly support them to improve. We have PVP class leaders for those that wish to move forward with a little guidance.

We believe we are changing for the better of the guild and Blackrock as a whole.

Instead of hating work with us the make blackrock a strong pvp server once again!

11/20/2011 09:24 AMPosted by Milkmyzugzug
We have PVP class leaders for those that wish to move forward with a little guidance.

9 manning every RBG with a 49% win shadowplay lock can be hard.
We also have 2k+ rated players that got to their rank with hard work and dedication. If the guildie makes it or not in the new season is up to them that includes the GM or anyone else.

attempting to invite 2k+ players in RBG or high level arena players into the guild is so those that are at level in the guild can team up with other players at that level.

There are good and bad in every guild and if we dont have enough high level players on day one of the season we will group with others in the community.

Our hope is that we pick up enough high level players to move up the ladder in the new season with those players as a guild. We all have to be on our game no matter what.

We are only as stong as our weakest link and I will do my personally best not to be that player and I would hope that all the guild leaders will strive to be their best.

I know we have a bad rep from the past before my time and we removed of 600 people in one month as we raised the bar. We can not stop the haters so all we can do is prove to blackrock we are worthy moving forward.

I hope Blackrock will give us the chance.
Another question.

How did a 2.6k 3s player end up 1.6k?
Do you guys allowed Ebay characters in?
When I first started in Sept. this guild had over 900 pvpers. We initially wanted to help as many as we could to reach their full potential so we ran zero+ rated boot camps. Alot of our ratings suffered and we have been unable to repair the damage done. Since it was not working we decided to raise the bar over time and currently that is 1600+. We have removed over 600 people that could not make it happen.

Now that we have refined and redefined the guild we are rebuilding it to be stronger than it has ever been.

We armory everyone and give them the benefit of the doubt. Players that did not get their rating legitimately will be easy to spot in a high level pvp situation. We do not feel it is wrong to give someone an opportunity to prove their worth as long as they meet the minimum requirements.

I hope everyone in our guild can hit 2200+ in RBG's and although improbable we will give them the support to help them reach their full potential.
Its not about being carried its about trying to do what is best for those in your guild. Its not about me it is about the team. We rise and fall together.

This server has a very limited supply of high level RBG's so we have to play with those at lower levels to test thier potential. I do not regret trying to help others reach thier full potential even if my rating suffered. We have found some good pvpers and hope to find more.

The new season is upon us so lets just move on the bigger and better things. Lets raise the bar together for Blackrock and work as a team to get it back to its former glory.
I think they're trying to improve, its a good thought, let them! :D

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