12309 completed quests how do I find more?

quests complete 12309
daily quests 6462

looking for quest I have not finished any suggestions on how to find them?
Already got the addon quest completist and have visited every zone and dungeon looking for the quest icon (yes low level quest is turned on)

if you query the server using quest completist, you will get a list of quests for each zone. completed quests will be in green. uncompleted in white. configurable for race/class/faction specific quests.
You may also wish to check out Wowhead's Profiler tool:


which provides a nice interactable way to check on the quests you still have open. Like with the addon, it can't distinguish quests you can no longer get, but you will have the Wowhead comments handy to work that out yourself.
You can try the addons Wholly and Grail (both are available at curse.com) because they are designed to know about which quests you cannot complete for a variety of reasons (including being incompatible with quests you have already done). You will probably want to turn on display of quests that need prerequisites so you can see what are the first quests in the prerequisite chains that you need to complete. If you have TomTom installed you can get waypoints for the quest givers, etc.

Good luck.
I am only a level 10 but it seems I cannot find any quests nam i just stupid or is there a setting somewhere in the game I need to click spent 3 hours today no quests
Normally if you have done all the quests in Elwynn Forest you would be given a breadcrumb quest to go to your next area. I would guess Westfall would be where to go next. You can always go into Stormwind to see what the quest board says you can do as well (which will work at any level since its selection changes over time as you gain levels).

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