[H] Strength and Honor 1/8H DS LF Healer

Strength and Honor – Aman'Thul was created late in Wrath of the Lich King. We are primarily an Australian based guild, with a wide variety of colourful people, both males and females, from young to old. Today, Strength and Honor is a level 25 guild consisting of one primary 10 man team with over 200 people. We are a dedicated group of raiders that achieve our kill whilst having a laugh. Strength and Honor has a mature 18+ environment, Its recommended you don't come unless you have thick skin and a good sense of humour ;).

Our current progression is 1/8 H Dragon Soul. We are searching for one healer (preferably a shaman) for an immediate start to join us in our continuing progression into heroic DS and future content. We operate on a bare bones raid composition, simply each person in our team has a guaranteed position and responsibility to the rest of the team. Very high attendance is vital as is raid awareness, a sufficient gear level and an understanding of your class/role.

Loot distribution is quiet easy, we don’t use DKPs, loot council or anything else of this nature simply type /roll, MS > OS and see how the RNG likes you tonight. Due to our raid comparison there is no need to fight 5 different people for an item (and we have all the necessary buffs covered ^_^)

Raid times are Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday at 9:00pm server time, may change back to 8:30pm server time in accordance with daylight savings ending.

If you are interested or seek further information contact myself or Bøøgiewoman in game.
We look forward to hearing from you.
Updated: In need of a reasonably geared and experienced paladin tank to take up a full-time position for Team 1.
The one and only
Much <3
Guess who boogiewoman!! <3

I don't see you on my weekly late night raids in org anymore :(

70 Pally Tank willing to come

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