[A] Advent - 5/8 Heroic DS25 - T/Th/Su

Burning Legion
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Heroic Hagara down! Pushing to 3/8 starting this week, recruiting ALL exceptional raiders!
Bump! Come kill 3/8 25H with us, one of the last 25m raiding guilds!
Bump! Looking for:

- Holy Paladin
- All exceptional raiders
fred you look like a gay diamond space marine
I'm not Fred! Thats rude!

Bump for 3/8 Heroic 25!
Let's be serious. I'm not stupid enough to actually use lawlbringer for my transmog.
I am and you guys are jealous that I pulled it off so well.
for reals i was actually talking about fred. i think its funny that yall think antonne is the gay diamond space marine though =X
We think it because it's true.
Bump for DPS and healers! Come enjoy our new blood DK tank with us!
Bump for 4/8 Heroic with Heroic Zon'ozz down!
Just a quick word to those who would be interested in applying. If you have no DS experience whatsoever and are wearing blues and greens, please refrain... Get experience and gear THEN apply!
We could really use a Holy paladin!!!
Bump for some more damage dealing raiders
Bump for Heroic Ultraxxion kill! 5/8 Heroic!
Could use a Shadow Priest friend.........:(

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