No more achievements like 250,000 HKs

The leap from 100,000 to 250,000 is absurd for 10 points.

There is nothing to strive for once you've completed all the BG achievements, which you will before even obtaining the 100,000 achievement, but the added honor kills.

Warsong Gulch Veteran stops at 100 wins. If Blizzard had not just pulled 250,000 out of a hat, they would have added 200 wins to all BGs, or more since, seriously, that's how many wins you're looking at by playing to win, not farming.

That's just an example.

From 100,000 to 250,000 is a long way to go without any other achievements to strive for during that time.
I agree that anything past 250k hks would be ridiculous.
Or 200 mounts, 300 pets ( lots coming in MoP ) or whatever.

Instead, they need to make new grinds like the Insane achievement. Huge time sink that isn't just an extension of an old achievement.
Do you understand what the word Achievement means?

Not everybody will get it - It's an Achievement.
250k HK's is something you actually have to work towards and is one of the few achievements left in the game not everybody can have in a few days.

Also: Arenas are /not/ the place to work on this.

Also: The reason things are upped over time is because it becomes easier.
At this rate a 150 mount achievement will no longer be an achievement just because of the sheer amount of mounts they're adding to MoP - Not to mention the ease of farming things on toons for certain classes makes it absolutely moot.
I don't like the idea of hitting a wall, but I do agree that achievements can become ridiculous, doubling the previous achievement is an extremely terrible idea. They should be smaller increments.

Honestly, the way WoW is, we will never have all achievements, so I don't care if there is an achievement for 100 million HK. I don't need to achieve it, but I just want there to be a steady amount of achievements to help see me through.

It's the small term goals that keep us going. Sure we might have long term goals as well, but we break them up into smaller ones. Without the smaller ones we feel overwhelmed and give up.
I think it would be a great idea to come up a real lore based title for 500000 + hks ,,, some players like to be a kingslayer ,,some battlemaster,,some bloodthirsty,,. prior 2 great titles have obviously sequel coming...:)..."bloodthirsty crew" need same incentiv eplay...jmo
What change to Tol Barad Veteran? I just need to kill Occ for it and I am scarcely a PvP player.

How could someone who was serious not have it now?
Dang, sucked into a necro'ed thread. Ouch.
My question to you is why the hell do you care if there is a 500k one added, its just a number for the people that are past 250k to look forward to. You don't have to go for it who cares if some long term PvPers get a goal to chase?
I get 250-700 HKs a day. im not rushing it but ill get it soon eventually.
title would be nice, will still keep farming regardless
Does it seem silly to hit, a little, yes. Do we care that blizzard puts more content in the game? NO. I implore blizzard to put in as many tiers of achievements as they need to. They are goals we keep track of but they are not something we should assume we have to complete. Maybe I'm talking to the OCD crowd but I typically achievement farm by multi tasking and aiming for the simple things without blowing my time. I don't worry about the achievement for HKs because I haven't done every other single pvp achievement so I am going to be getting more HKs regardless. Oh, I am sure there are people out there that have farmed the bgs for days and done every single one possible, but that doesn't mean blizzard should look at you as the normal case? Does it?
Magnets how small is your brain? Account wide HKs didn't make 250k easier whatsoever. I'll give you a moment to think about it. Can't figure it out? Thought not. The time you took to farm 250ks on 10 toons is roughly the same time it would take to camp on 1 toon. Whether you chose to farm on 1 character is besides the point. In fact, farming on one good character could help you more in getting wins and more hk farming.

There's absolutely no difference if you have 250k on 1 toon or on 20. You still took the exact same time to get 250hks.

Anyway, this moron aside, they should always double up. Why not? There's plenty of room for more as long as we keep getting more expansions. 200 mounts, and 500khks next.
I don't think people are complaining because the achievement is "hard", I think it's more of the fact that its too grindy (like something from Aion). Personally, I don't see slaughtering newbs endlessly in a BG particularly hard or very satisfying, and I assume that's the beef that most people have with adding higher achievements regarding # of HKs. Yes, there are a lot of achievements that are pretty grindy, but nothing really compares to the hours and hours of mindless slaughtering in a BG, zerging people as they zone into the Dark Portal area, GY camping in a premade HK farming group, etc. that is required to get this achievement.

TLDR; 250k HKs isn't "hard", its just extremely grindy and not an indicator of any level of skill.
The biggest issue is that its so unrewarding. 250k for a bad title, that as mentioned before is
not an indicator of any level of skill.
? I don't care for it. I'll get the achievement when I get it.

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