Edge FL 25 GDKP, 7/7+4/7, Sat 11am, 12/3

Edge GDKP run has been successfully revived! For those unfamiliar with GDKP, it's simple. We kill bosses, the items that drop are auctioned off, and at the end of the raid all money spent on loot is distributed evenly amongst the raid that stays until the end. Last week's pool was 350K, and all members received a cut of about 13,500g. Not bad for 4 hours of work.

The heroic targets are Shannox, Rhyolith, Alsyrazor, and Majordomo.

Please use the following sign up format, else I will ignore your reply. Under experience, don't tell me how many fights you "know", tell me how many fights you've killed. The raid will be set by Thursday, so don't hesitate with the signups. I'd rather let people know if they are in or alternates sooner rather than later.

Character Name:
Character Class:
Character Main Spec:
Character Off Spec (if raid viable):
Firelands Experience (including heroic):
Approximate Gear Level (without PvP gear inflation):
Approximate Gold Willing to Spend: (insert # here)

Some further details about loot distribution and the raid in general:

1) Raid will run until about 4:00 pm and will have one break in the middle somewhere.
2) Only those people present at the *end* of the raid will be eligible for the gold pool. If there are any extended disconnects (15+ minutes), replacement will occur. Each replacement will be eligible for a cut of the pool equal to 1/25th of gold earned from the moment they join the raid.
3) Since this raid is being built to get stronger with time, I will try to continually bring a solid mix of well-geared toons and players looking to suit up fast so the content won't be harder than it needs to be.
4) Price gouging will not be tolerated; when an item drops, raid chat will be absent of any communication other than bidding. There will be an opening bid as well as minimum bid increments for every item.
5) A player may bid on any item they will use, whether it be for main spec or off spec.
6) BoEs will be treated just like any other piece of loot, and will be bid on.
7) All legendary related quest pieces are spoken for.
8) Strong play is the best way to guarantee a regular spot in this run. Although the goal is to make some gold, it'd be nice to make it as painless as possible.
9) We will start at 11am server. That means in firelands, ready to pull. There will be a 5 minute grace for those that aren't online and ready to go. Invites will go out at 10:45am server.
10) If it wasn't assumed, I'll say it bluntly. Ventrilo is a requirement to participate in the raid. You don't need to speak, but you definitely need to be able to listen. This is for raid calls and loot distribution as well.

**PLEASE READ** -- To save time, if you are signed up in the run with 6/7 experience or 7/7 with no heroics, please take time to familiarize yourself with Shannox, Alysrazor, Rhyolith, and Majordomo on heroic. The fights are relatively simple, but it would be helpful if everyone didn't require an explanation from scratch. Several of the heroics we will be attempting require a high level of personal accountability, meaning that if you follow your task as everyone else does, we win. Knowing the fight helps!
Current Sign Ups:

1) Imabaddie (tank)




1) Effectz (priest)
2) Fettin (hunter)

Ranged Alternates:

Melee Alternates:

**Not finalized until Thursday**

Note: Heroic targets are Shannox, Alysrazor, Rhyolith, and Majordomo. Familiarize yourself with these encounters if you haven't seen them before. Again, apologies for not being able to get everyone in - as usual, though, if anyone of the main 25 isn't on or doesn't show up on time, I will not hesitate to replace them with alternates who are online.
Character Name: Hellsent
Character Class: Paladin
Character Main Spec: Holy
Character Off Spec (if raid viable): Ret (kinda)
Firelands Experience (including heroic): 6/7 Heroic
Approximate Gear Level (without PvP gear inflation): 377
Approximate Gold Willing to Spend: 30k

Character Name:Ratlif
Character Class: Hunter
Character Main Spec:marksmanship
Character Off Spec (if raid viable):Survival (if needed)
Firelands Experience (including heroic):6/7 heroic
Approximate Gear Level (without PvP gear inflation):380
Approximate Gold Willing to Spend:10k
Character Name: Facelift
Character Class: Warrior
Character Main Spec: Fury
Character Off Spec (if raid viable): Prot
Firelands Experience (including heroic): 7/7 3/7HM
Approximate Gear Level (without PvP gear inflation): 366
Approximate Gold Willing to Spend: 20k
Character Name:Notgnnahealu
Character Class:Priest
Character Main Spec:Holy
Character Off Spec (if raid viable):
Firelands Experience (including heroic):4/7 also know H rag
Approximate Gear Level (without PvP gear inflation):379
Approximate Gold Willing to Spend: (30k)
Character Name:Chronicg
Character Class:Rogue
Character Main Spec:assassination
Character Off Spec (if raid viable):combat
Firelands Experience (including heroic):6/7n (know all fights) 3/7h(know all fights)
Approximate Gear Level (without PvP gear inflation):369
Approximate Gold Willing to Spend: (n/a)
4.3 live this week
My ilvl is 370 in combat gear as of today
**** CANCELLED DUE TO 4.3 **** - See new post on DS raid, same format.

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