warlock leveling rotation (demo)

hey guys there must be millions of threads on this but can't seem to get the answer I'm looking for can you please help me out and tell me the basic demo levelling rotation? currently level 41.....

any feedback is appreciated thanks.
to be honest until you can acquire the felguard and metamorph leveling as demo can be tough its easier to level as destro till these abilities come into play (havent lvled a lock in a long time so not sure what level they become avail), as far as rotation goes...well leveling keep your dots up shadowbolt as filler drain soul to get shards, but honestly until you get felguard and meta its going to be a lot easier to level as destro...imo once you get felguard send him at mobs use felstorm... while questing keep his taunt up (taunt off in dungeons) use meta on tough mobs...(meta, leap, immol aura) and etc...honestly its difficult to lvl as demo before guard and meta...hope this helps
1. Get level 45
2. curse of agony 5+ mobs into melee range
3. felstorm/hellfire
At your level, just spec out of demo. The spec is worthless until 85. You CAN do decently well if you AoE grind, but often it is more trouble than it's worth. Just spec aff and blast your way to 85...
No real rotation to it that early on.
Immolate + Corruption + Shadow Bolt til its dead.
Hand of Gul'dan, of course, if you have it.
Throw up a Bane on elites, toss Curse of Weakness on heavy hitters...
Thats it.

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