Elemental minion attack problem.

I've recently been leveling a few alts and a mage is one of them.

I'm leveling my mage as frost and I generally have my elemental attack first whenever I'm attacking anything. The other night I was questing and I had to polymorph some mobs here and there. Everytime I would hit my pet attack key, the elemental would do nothing if it was a polymorphed mob. Is this normal? Has this always been the case?

On my hunter, I find it great that they made pets recognize CC. But if I specifically tell my pet to attack a mob, it will ignore the CC. So why isn't my mage's elemental doing the same?

Pets no longer have an aggressive stance, so it will not attack a crowd-controlled target. Why do you not attack the mob first? Your frostbolt has the reduced slowing speed on it; your elemental's water bolt is just a bolt and he won't tank much/well for you either way.

It hasn't always been like that, but Blizzard had to go and change the pet bar and it's A.I around just because there's alot of people playing "pet classes" that don't know how to properly manage their pet at all times. I'm not just calling out on huntards either, this includes Frost Mages, Unholy DK's, Warlocks, and anybody else that gets a pet bar from something (Priest Shadowfiend, Boomkin Treants).

However, if you go to cc something while an elemental (or Mirror Image clone) frostbolt is already traveling through the air, it will break it. Nobody can blame their pets anymore for breaking their cc if the mob (or PvP opponent) is already established as being CC'd.
No offense, but you're completely misunderstanding me. I didn't want to write a wall of text in the original post and I didn't really think I needed to. But I'll explain this in more detail.

First off, my hunter here is my main and I'm quite well aware of everything they've done to pets and how they normally react to CC. I'm also quite aware that an elemental has nowhere near the tanking ability of a hunter pet or even a warlock's demon. That said, I do actually use it as a tank.

I have no interest in using my mage for much of any end game content (raids, arena, etc). When I found out how fast worgen skin, I decided I would make my worgen a farming toon. IMO, pet classes make the best farm toons. Long story short, a frost mage was the only pet class I didn't already have.

When I'm doing quests that involve mobs I can skin, I generally send my pet after the next mob while I walk up to the previous kill to skin it (in other words, I chain pull).
I use this macro.
/cast Frostbolt
/run UIErrorsFrame:Clear()

However, if I'm chain pulling, I'm often out of range for my frost bolt (but this is intentional). So my pet goes to attack before I do. After I loot and skin my mobs, I finish the kill, rinse repeat and so on. Now that all that is out of the way, here's my problem.

The other night while questing, I had to polymorph a few mobs because they were a little closer together. So CC was actually necessary. However, when the mob that wasn't sheeped was killed, I would then set my pet on the sheeped mob. I did so by hitting that macro like I always do. But the elemental just would not attack it. I even tried CTRL-1 and still the elemental did nothing. It has nothing to do with stance. It just will not break the CC itself even though I'm commanding it to. As I said before, I'm fully aware that pets now react to CC. But I'm specifically commanding it to break the CC and it won't.

It should attack if you use the command /petattack.

No idea why it wouldn't, but I've commanded mine to break plenty of CC
It should attack if you use the command /petattack.

No idea why it wouldn't, but I've commanded mine to break plenty of CC

That's what I figured. That's how my hunter pets work. If I have a mob in an frozen trap and I tell my pet to attack, it will break the CC and attack it.

I tried it again earlier today. The elemental will actually stand in place and aim at the mob. But it won't attack until the polymorph wears off. At that point it will finally shoot at it. All this regardless of the fact that I'm actually commanding it to attack.
No I understood you perfectly . It is YOU that clearly did not understand EVERYTHING I typed for you. Heh, "no offense", but it seems my intelligence is wasted on a typical huntard that only knows how to farm. I don't even need to know anything about your huntard to know what you're trying to tell us, nor needed your bigger wall of text to reinforce it either. You completely missed my point.

They made the water elemental such that it will simply not break cc you've applied. Simple as that. Deal with it. The elemental is not a tank like you may be used to, he's just simply "supplemental dps". You'd probly farm faster if you use his Freeze to give yourself 2 FoF charges for burst to kill mobs faster on ur own. I can easily kill a mob dead before he will barely get 1 Waterbolt off on it.

Water elementals won't break other player's CC (ie. Repentance, Freezing Trap, Sap, etc) or my own (Polymorph/Ring of Frost) even if I were to tell it to attack. Blizzard went through alot of efforts to fix our pet so it wouldn't go breaking CC that ppl complained it was to blame for.

Deal with it, mr "Pet Class" specialist.
I'm so upset as well because my minion for my mage wont attack anymore not even if I'm attacking just one thing. He just stands there like useless it is so irritating.
This thread is almost a year and a half old... Check to make sure you haven't turned off his Waterbolt. (right-click it)

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