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I'm playing on a 2011 upgraded Macbook Pro w/ 2.2Ghz i7, AMD HD 6750M. I use a Logitech G9 external usb mouse.

In patch 4.2, my in game mouse pointer would trail across the screen, there would be no actual mouse lag, just a visual trail across the screen. Enabling the hardware mouse option in game had no effect.

Now at the log in screen after patch 4.3 was installed, I see two mouse pointers, one that tracks with my actual cursor, and another that moves inversely on a y axis corresponding to my actual cursor.
Not sure what it was, but this problem magically solved itself.
happens sometimes, i get it too in fact i just got it 5 min ago, i tab out of window and back in to refresh window focus and it correctly supressed system cursor second time around. that's about all you have to do
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I am also getting the exact same problem. However, simply minimizing and maximizing the game-screen does not solve the issue. Even after 2 complete game restarts the problem persists.

I play with a Razer Naga, however the problem persists even with it unplugged. (Running the default trackpad as I play on a laptop.)
I'm also having the same issue and the same results when tabbing out and back in. I've also tried reloading my UI, disabling all my addons, etc.. The problem also exists on the login screen and the character selection screen. It doesn't seem to affect any game play other than being extremely annoying. If this doesn't get fixed soon, I think I'm gonna scream!
Yah, it feels like I'm drunk when I play like this...
Seems I have the same issue on my Mac. Have the inverted hand that mirrors everything my main cursor does. I have tried everything and it seems nothing fixes it. It's so annoying and I hope they fix this asap!!!!
Same problem here on Mac Pro. Tried game reload, disable all addons, console reload, hardware cursor, etc, doesnt work. Of note, the cursor problem can be seen on login screen and character select, not just in-game.

Highly annoying, but not sure what to do about it.
Update - wife with Mac has updated computer with latest Apple patch and she isn't having this problem. Just sayin.
I had this problem too, but I resolved it. Read about my experience here: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/3595345118#14
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Delete all the Blizzard Add-ons from the Add-ons folder, and run Warcraft again. It will read them correctly. I think this only happens if you have a Raza Naga, but isn't specifically caused by its add-ons.
I have encountered this problem as well, the double mouse cursor with the inverted mirror version of my regular cursor, I use a death adder razer mouse, I don't think its just the Naga;P.
It is highly annoying and I've tried everything to fix it and nothing works. This seems like an in game issue. As well i do run WoW on my Macbookpro. any new suggestions that work successfully?

Try running the Verify/Repair Game Data option from the launcher as well as a Repair.

Repair World of Warcraft
The World of Warcraft Repair utility is located in /Applications/World of Warcraft directory.

Verify/Repair Game Data
World of Warcraft now has the option to do a through repair of its files using the Verify/Repair Game Data option. This scans all files inside the directory, verifies the file integrity and makes any repairs needed.

    1. Open the World of Warcraft Launcher.
    2. Select Help from the menu bar.
    3. Select Verify/Repair Game Data.
    4. Allow the launcher to complete the repair.

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help my mouse mirrored itself!!! how do i fix it!
Have you attempted any of the steps posted in this thread? They should resolve most mouse mirror issues.

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