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Moon Guard
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(Class-specific military RP guild)

Guild Name: <Knights of Menethil>
Guild Website: http://kofm.guildlaunch.com
Officers: Celuur, Eredis, Valdiis, Nistara, Keiahi, Kueliig
Type of guild: Military unit of the Ebon Blade, death knight only, heavy RP
Summary: Having just celebrated three years of free will and service to the Alliance, the 1113th reformed Scourge infantry unit continues to recruit skilled and sane soldiers for their mission to protect the living of the Alliance. By any means necessary.
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Fixing it:

Summary: Casual guild recruiting players searching for a friendly atmosphere and progressive raiding. While we do expect players to understand the various strengths and weaknesses of their class, and the ability to adapt to challenges in a raid, we're happy to help players transition into raiding.

Also, you accidentally put us under alliance. Horde pride!
Guild Name: <Aeon>
Guild Website: www.TheForce10.com
Officers: Synthésis, Notfurry, Snickerbars, Iknowright, Halteran, Bombdiggiy, Atesh, Darksunrisin, Secilia
Type of guild: PvE/PvE guild with Light RP. Will soon be doing raids and rbgs.
Summary: Aeon is Glvl 13 with 10,000g repairs, frequent contests, large but tight knit, free glyphs, care packages for new players, ventrilo, and much more!
Guild Name: <The Hand of Vengeance>
Guild Website: http://thehandofvengeance.proboards.com
Officers: Seleste, Bolsar, Dusksworn, Sibelius, Aeterik, Octavious, Gemmalynn
Type of guild: Forsaken only RP-Guild
Summary: An apothecary based guild, the Hand of Vengeance has stationed a unit from the North in the Eastern Kingdoms to lend aide in the war in Gilneas.
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As with all over the limit, I will only post the first three lines of the summary.
Please place this under Horde Military!

Dominion of the Sun
Guild Website: thedominion.shivtr.com
Officers: Tendael, Dalhaan, Syrinthia, Volanaro, Ruvias
Type of guild: Blood Elf RP/PVP
Summary: The Dominion of the Sun is one of the largest, best organized, and most active blood elf RP-PVP guilds on Moon Guard with all the perks of being level 25. Our calendar is filled with events that range from D&D-style missions, RBGs, casual raiding, social RP settings, and much more.
Remove the Hawktotem Tribe. It no longer is active.
Guild Name: <Shattered Oath>
Guild Website: shatteredoath.guildzilla.com
Officers: Shahrak, Snypes, Banes
Type of guild: Horde Mercenary Guild (PVE focused with a significant involvement in RP & PVP)
Summary: Shattered Oath is a medium size guild focused on maintaining a "tight-knit" feel for its members while providing ample opportunities for our members to experience all WoW has to offer. We run three 10-man raids per week (two groups plus weekend BH runs), run a weekly RBG, a weekly set of retro content raids for RP gear/mounts, and host a weekly IC meeting.
Guild Name: Steadfast
Guild Website: http://steadfast-mg.enjin.com/
Officers: Gìlroar, Teödorie, Arrok
Type of guild: PvE
Summary: Tightly-knit, wildly entertaining raiding guild who often talk about being pantsless, Steadfast offers a fun and active environment for both aspiring raiders and casual social members, as well as a home to those who have lives outside of WoW. Quickly-climbing guild levels, as well as a solid group of players promises a guild to rise with the best.
All three taken care of. Last two, as with everyone else - only the first three lines of the summary are posted.
<The Sha'nash>
Guild Website: http://shanash.enjin.com
Officers: Castalaria, Dralosa, Jhalkaar, Maeorra, Nhadiya, Vitaska. Guild is run as a council.
Type of guild: All draenei, RP/PvP
Summary: Lawful Good alignment. Current guild level: 23. Requirements: Any level is allowed to get in, so long as you enjoy RP, know the draenei lore, and have some grip on PvP or at least have an interest in PvPing. We have tonnes of information about who we are on our website forum, so please take a look!
Guild Name: Brothers of the Fallen
Guild Website: http://brothersofthefallen.wowstead.com/
Officers: Verendus, Filppula, Cinnamons, Adeie, Tavik
Type of guild: 25m raid guild [A]
Summary: Established in BC. Guild level 25 etc. We like to kill stuff and have fun doing it. We keep raid times to 10 hours a week or less so everyone can also enjoy other activities as well.
Guild Name: Sublime Intervention
Guild website: www.sublime-mg.wowstead.com
Officers: Daxtor, Rokkit, Skrax, Eiigo, Zythania
Type of guild: 10-man casual raid, Social (H)
Summary: Lvl 25, 3 year-old guild. Mature, laid-back, friendly. All levels and types welcome. Casual guild with semi-serious raid group.
Guild Name: <Modan Co>
Guild Website: http://z13.invisionfree.com/ModanCo
Officers: Tenauri (GM), Illumyn, Carick, Tiarath, Johara, Boltbreaker, Heinsoo, Aillde, Talorsin, Degrassö
Type of guild: Medium-to-Heavy RP
Summary: An archaeology-themed guild that is equal parts silly and serious. Generally good-aligned and pro-Alliance. Run as a well-intentioned for-profit company IC. Must be willing to attend weekly meetings and RP events when possible. Apply on our forums (above). Level 25 guild.

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