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Moon Guard
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Guild Website: elysium-mg.enjin.com/
Officers: Khaixur, Aedion, Capella, Rhuua, Vrohduun, Solinii
Type of guild: Lawful Good Draenei racial guild.
Summary: Elysium is a level 24 Draenei-only guild with a focus on Lore. We're most active at night, and all levels are welcome provided the applicant has some grasp of/or is willing to learn Draenei lore.
I'll take matters to my own hands...


Officers: Augidget, Kinria
Type of guild: Gnome RP-PvP and some RP.
Summary: Combat Operatives for Gnomish Security. Level 20+. We're awesome, join us for Gnomish RP!

Edit to Crimson Fist

Guild Website: http://crimsonfist.wowstead.com/

Thank You. That is all.

<The Kor'kron Legion>

  • Summary: Horde RP-PvP. Guild Level 25. Enemies: Alliance; threats to the Horde. Requirements: 20+ (65+ for DKs) with an understanding of game lore and desire to RP.

    The Kor'kron Legion is a RP-PvP oriented guild with a theme revolving around the RP of being a branch of the greater Kor'kron Guard with a focus on Kalimdor and it's Horde denizens. The guild excepts Kalimdor Horde races only (orc, tauren, troll, and goblin). Characters must be a minimum of level 20+, 65+ for Death Knights with a basic grasp and understanding of the official lore of the WoW universe and a desire to RP. Interest in PvP is a plus. Application process, more information and our regulation to promote a healthy, respectful and good sportsmanship environment can be found on our guild site.

  • Website: TheKorkronLegion.enjin.com

  • Officers: High Warlord (GM) - Githnji, Warlord (Co-GM) Kamiane, Generals - Oosaarn, Skullcrusha, Broggarth

  • Guild Type: RP-PvP, Horde military themed.
  • Angronn has gone the way of the Dodo, his guild with it. Please delete entry. Thank you. That is all.
    11/18/2011 11:42 PMPosted by Nathell
    Angronn has gone the way of the Dodo, his guild with it. Please delete entry. Thank you. That is all.

    Wow, that was fast. Updated. Thank you for the information. Kor's also updated.

    *takes a guess* Welcome to the Alliance side of things?
    Guild Name: Ascentus
    Guild Website: ascentus.guildlaunch.com
    Officers: Iloriem, Talon, Vulnero, Marrocke, Kri
    Type of guild: PvE ten-man raiding/social guild
    Summary: Ascentus is a newly formed guild with a dual focus on creating a friendly, socially active environment as well as progression ten-man raiding. Seeking any skilled raiders interested in casual progression tens.
    Pretty much. Needed a change.
    Name: Empyrean Gauntlet
    Guild Website: http://empyreangauntlet.guildlaunch.com
    Officers: Lightwarden
    Type of guild: RP, city, military
    Summary: Argent Crusade-themed and based out of Tyr's Hand in the Eastern Plaguelands, the good-aligned guild is focused on creating a legitimate city feel, as well as bringing RP to other parts of the world via guild events and mission work.
    Guild Name: The Stormwind guard
    Guild Website: thestormwindguard.guildlaunch.com
    Officers: Name, Adroby, Levimorne, Lilliahraith, Ferotic
    Type of guild: Military-RP
    Summary:The Stormwind Guard is a Lawful-Neutral, heavy, military-based Roleplay guild. We take part in community RP as well as a small amount of RP-PvP. We have small events on a weekly basis, with some larger events every two to three weeks (Yes, we leave the city!)
    Guild Name: Blackjaw Clan
    Guild Website: Bjc.enjin.com
    Officers: Rettsuo, Roddan, Guranoth
    Type of Guild: Clan/Family Style RP!
    Summary: The Blackjaw Clan is a Clan dedicated to unifying the Horde races. We accept everyone, to a point (I'm looking at you, Elves!) We have minor events, such as Clan Initiations and Training on a near-daily basis. Larger events, such as DnD-style raids are planned for weekends. Pst me if you want more info, I'm like on all the time!

    Post Removed.
    Updated. Reminder, I only post the first three lines of the summary.
    Just letting it be known that Shadows of Azeroth has changed guild names. We are now The Masquerade.
    Removed due to a later update in this thread. =D
    Updated. Reminder, only first three lines from Summary will be posted.
    House Wintercaste
    GM-Arsheron CoGM- Aurii
    Chaotic Neutral RP Guild - Court/House Theme
    We now require age 20+ and level 60+.
    Stormrock Clan is listed twice. Once under Military/Guard (up-to-date post), and again under Alignment-based (outdated post).

    You could make a spiritual category for Horde-side, as I noticed that Alliance-side has one for Clergy/Argent guilds. SRC would fit under both Spiritual and Military.

    Just an FYI & insight. Keep up the good work, Chence. =D

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