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Please add The Blades of Greymane to the Alliance list.

<The Blades of Greymane> : us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/2548838897?page=1
Summary: The Blades of Greymane are a Military regiment guild that seek to represent Gilneas in the Alliance forces. We do RP-PVP and occasional dungeon runs, 20+/65+ required to join. No class/race restrictions. Typically our events are D&D styled events.
<Concordance of Quelshola>
Summary: The Concordance of Quel'shola is a concordance of houses, house members and their representative businesses and associates, including employees, contacts, and political allies. The leaders of these houses will form a council which will confer on the major actions and directions the Concordance takes. All people of every race and class who feel they have something to offer are welcome to join the Concordance. The Concordance is always accepting new business associates, employees, political allies, and artists to be included in this endeavor.

Guild Website: quelshola.guildportal.com
Officers: Doriandrin, Sendatzen
Type of guild: RP, Horde, Mixed Race, Alignment Neutral
<The Darkhaven Order>
Summary: Acting as a "home" for those shunned by their acceptance and usage of darker powers, the Darkhaven Order welcomes all. (Levels 10+, 60+ for DK's.))

Guild Website: darkhavenorder.guildportal.com
Officers: Sathestrias, Thulvane
Type of guild: Heavy RP, Alignment-based(Lawful Neutral)
<The Stormwind City Watch>
Summary: The hilariously dysfunctional police force of Stormwind. If you enjoy pelting criminals with fruit, the old fashioned tar-and-feathering, or dodging arrows to the knee, well, we have a place for you. Level 20+, no race restrictions. No DKs.

Guild Website: http://stormwindcitywatch.shivtr.com/
Officers: Marcodedarma, Savild, Aliaes, Sullavan, Volke

(Separate post for updating due to completely different leadership since last post.)
[A] Guild Name: <Hope on the Horizon>

Summary: Heavy RP-PVP based guild consisting of members dedicated to serving others. We are only looking for adult members with an easygoing nature, that want to explore their characters in a challenging RP environment. We are also open to players with raid interests.

Officers: Ordric, Alumina
<The Shieldpaw Shao'din>

Summary: We're an RP-PvP Pandaren-only guild seeking level 15+ for military-based RP. Whether you're from the Wandering Isle or Pandaria herself, the Shieldpaw Shao'din are seeking your assistance in defending our land and vanquishing threats such as the Mogu, Sha, and now the Alliance.

Guild Website: http://shieldpaw.proboards.com/
Officers: Azuru, Qiwen, Enlai, Deshi


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