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Post in this thread after logging out in your transmog set (i always log out in said set so i can look pretty on character selection screen).

1. Tell us where you got your gear.

2. What do you like best about your set.

3. Why you chose this set above all others.

4. Was it easy to get your set?

Ill start.

1. The 4 piece set is from AQ40. Helm from engi(id like to replace it with crown of destruction from MC rag). One dagger from MC, the other from BWL. Gloves from twin emps in aq40. Belt from BT. Cloak from some 60 raid i forget. I use daggers because im replacing armor>melee slots, and happened to get the brewfest dagger, then bought a 950 honor offhand. Prolly gonna stick with dual wield for looks.

2. I love how my red shirt gives the skull buckle on my belt a red crown!

3. Its just by far the best looking set in my opinion for hunters, the skull buckle is awesome. The crown of destruction if i ever get it to drop is the best looking helm in my opinion for mail.

4. The 4 piece set is obtainable in just 2-3 weeks, its a rep grind the whole set drops every run. Gloves drop alot, daggers drop rare. Belt was random, there are quite a few skull buckle belts around.


but I will be using a different weapon of course.

It is classic paladin at its best.

Wasn't bad, took me just over a month to get everything.
1. Swords from BWL, boots from BWL. Belt from MC rag. Everything else was random greens from the AH i believe.

2. What i like most is how much skin this set shows off, i call it my s|ut set. The swords are amazing looking too!

3. DK gear has always been super ugly, and aesthetically unpleasing. Its always dark in color, spiky, and evil looking. Pink boots, slutty skin showing pants and chest, gold and red in color. Fail shoulders cuz its all the AH will give me and no drops on my transmog runs.

4. Those swords dont just drop, they are incredibly rare. Boots are hard to get too. Everything else has multiple greens on the ah with the same model.
1. A mix of MC, BWL, Ulduar and questing in Netherstorm.

2. Red and black, what's not to like about it?

3. This actually isn't my first choice, the Eredar Twins and Illidan have decided to not drop the last pieces for my other set.

4. Neither of my sets were difficult to obtain, just time consuming.
@ Finella

I love that set above all others for a rogue, im happy somebody has it to show off still!

Sexy curvy daggers too.
Originally this was to be my set (with different boots) but I can't use my beloved mask. :(

1. BRS, PvP, questlines, bought the loin cloth on the AH, & Kara.

2. The shoulders. (I love my mask, but I can't use it T_T)

3. I like wearing this because I got bored of robes day in & day out, & it is a mix of looks that I enjoy. Some call me Bane, some call me a proto-forsaken, some call me a Repo! Reject... People see it in almost as many different ways as I do.

4. It's not a set really... Just random gear that I like. Although originally I had black mageweave leggings & the ruby slippers... I lurked on the AH for a loin cloth because I wanted matching tattered bits of clothing.
11/15/2011 11:09 AMPosted by Finella
I remember when you were rocking those pants. Glad you replaced 'em =p

I miss the ruby slippers... But I don't like having my legs fully bare.

If I could wear the loin cloth as well as the stockings & the slippers I would be amazingly happy.

But I much rather keep begging Blizz to allow my helm. It's the important part of me now.
I would support you petition to trans your mask, wouldn't recognize you without it.
1. Tell us where you got your gear.

2. What do you like best about your set.

3. Why you chose this set above all others.

4. Was it easy to get your set?

1. Some of it I got from the new Trollroics, some I got from BC Justice Points, and I got the bow from the old Zul'Aman raid. Eyepatch from a quest line in Blades Edge.


3. I always wanted to wear these shoulders, but since it was shaman gear I never could. NOW I CAN!

4. Yeah. I farmed ZA every week for this bow, and got a slew of other weapons I won't be able to use. Other than that, it was Zul'5mon gear I had anyway combined with some Justice BC gear.
Just talking about the 5 Piece:

1. I got thie gear from Nax 25. I obtained this gear back in WotLK when this gear was still the hottest item for shamans. I didn't not "farm" this gear. I earned it!

2. I like the ridiculuously sick graphics of this gear. Just look at them shoulders!!

3. I chose this set because not a lot of people were able to collect the whole set unless they raided with a prety solid guild. When the next patch came out, upgrades for particular pieces of this gear were pretty easy to obtain, so many people just skipped out on trying to get it.

4. This gear wasn't too hard to get as I never really thought that Naxx was a very tough raid, but I didn't farm this gear at a later time. All of this gear I obtained back when T7 & T7.5 was the best to get.
I hope they do.

The helm is pretty cool. Got a back up plan?

Nope. :(

This mask has been my identity for so long... There is nothing worthy of replacing it to me. Especially nothing that will go with my outfit as well as my beloved mask.
skimpy is the way to go!

I know I can't use my swords :( but I'll worry about weapons later.

Chest: Sunken temple

1. Tell us where you got your gear.

2. What do you like best about your set.
it's one of the few uniquely DK armor sets in the game, and it has an imposing look

3. Why you chose this set above all others.
it's as close to the feel of a DK that we've gotten. a tormented, risen soul that uses his talents to crush the LK.

4. Was it easy to get your set?
not at the time. it's pretty simple now, though, since it's all available for JP in dalaran.

Auction house, pretty much. Hammer was a random drop (though I originally had a hammer of the same model when I was leveling up years ago).

Wanted something fairly boring, so I built it around the Silver Covenant tabard. Made sure the weapon didn't match the set (but mostly because it's one of my favorite mace designs. I love that it's just a piece of granite on a stick).

I lack imagination and wanted something semi-knight like.

Easy yeah, just a little time consuming since it took a few months for all the pieces to come up on the AH.

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