80-84 Twink Thread 5 .Love

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Welcome everyone to the 80 twink thread and bracket.

x The Community x
The 80 twink community is without a doubt layed back. We all play in this bracket because we love our 80-84's and we understand that twinking is all about fun and good times. The majority of twinks are always posting on the forums and having a laugh regardless of what we are posting about.

PLEASE DO NOT BRING YOUR TROLLS OR QQ's TO OUR THREADS! We may understand you do not agree with something or you hate the fact you got owned hard, we all get owned regardless of how good we are and we make jokes about it. Take a chill pill and don't stress, it's a game =D

x Battlegrounds x
Battlegrounds are the main driving force in our bracket, as with all twink brackets PVP is a major community event.
Queue times range from 1-10 minutes during peak/non peak US times for both Horde and Alliance seems to be the norm. (Non peak times average a 5-7 minute max wait)

Battlegrounds are always popping so get in on some of the action!

x Arena x
Arena comps are still running in our bracket and games generally have a maximum of 2 minutes wait time when other teams are queuing.
While the games are not constant like our Battlegrounds, the suggested times for Arena are peak US times. (Majority of the twinks in our bracket are US players)

Arena rewards and achievements are still available. Such as your 300 wins Tabard Tabard of Brute Force

x Rated Battlegrounds x
Rated battlegrounds do not yet run in the 80's. Upon more guilds recruiting and more players entering our bracket, this could be an extremely amazing benefit to everyone who steps into the 80 market.
*Watch this space for updates*

x Raids x
At level 80 your choice of raids is fairly large
Ruby Sanctum 25 Player
Icecrown Citadel 25 Player
While there are other raids at 80, these two will provide the highest ilvl gear that you can use. Other level 80 raids also provide mounts and titles via achievements.

x 5 man Heroics/5 man Cata Normals x
5 man WOTLK Heroics are the main source of Justice Points which can buy you gear, PVP items, and much more. These can be done at any time and the queue time is dependant on your role and who is queueing. *NOTE* If anyone is over level 80 and is in your group you will not recieve Justice Points for any Random WOTLK Heroics.

5 man Cataclysm Normals are another way of obtaining Justice Points. These can be run with players over level 80 and are the only source of certain BIS twink items. As above the queue time is dependant on your role and who is queueing.

x Gear x
As listed about are Raids and Instances in which you can obtain all the gear needed to compete in our bracket. For the PVP gear it is a longer process.
PVP items at the most expensive for your 5 set cost 1650 honor. This seems impossible but can be easily farmed through one day of BG'ing. Most of our forum posters are 100% BIS geared so feel free to take note of their items.

x Legendaries x
Mmmm yes we has the oranges in our bracket. The two available legendaries are:


Val'anyr, Hammer of Ancient Kings

Information on how to obtain both of these weapons can be found on www.wowhead.com

x 80's vs 84's x
Yes we have 84's in our bracket and NO do not fear them. 84's simply have a larger health pool and some increased damage... That is where it ends. Most 80's can still wreck an 84 just as fast as another 80. If you choose to play an 84 keep in mind there is no difference PVP wise if you are going against a skilled 80.

x Professions x
Professions at level 80 can be maxed to 525 which allows us access to Cataclysm items and buffs.
The 2 best professions statistic wise seem to be
Alchemy - ilvl 359 alchemy only trinket Vibrant Alchemist Stone and Flask of Enhancement
Jewelcrafting - JC only gems such as Bold Chimera's Eye

With that being said, EVERY profession has its own unique buffs and benefits and should be used to YOUR advantage.

x Guilds/Guild Recruitment x
*GUILD RECRUITMENT* Before server transferring or faction changing please contact an OFFICER or a GM of a guild to see if they are recruiting. Many of the guilds are selective of who they bring in as they want the best players with them. Keep that in mind :)


hey im eighty mvp <5> - Uther - PVP GUILD *contact for information regarding applications*
GM: Scythes

Doesnt like you <13> - Kargrath - PVP GUILD *contact for information regarding applications*
GM: Stif

Bedlam <25> - Thunderhorn - PVP GUILD *Contact for information regarding applications*
GM: Inor


Original GANKsters <9> - Dentarg - PVP GUILD *contact for information regarding applications*
GM: Umadbro

Not So Obsolete <9> - Thrall - PVE GUILD
Contact: Meatxshield/DC/Claws for recruitment information.

Welcome to our bracket and have some fun guys!
Yo std, my love G!!!!!!!!!!
was popin my brotha from another motha
wanted to say smourne

but i dont speak jibberish
just lost all respec for Std doesnt know how to count to 26 BAD BAD BAD !!!
Never understood who made it 80-84 twink thread.
It's dumb.

Edit: As in, why are you saying the bracket is 80-84?
No one says 70-74, or 35-39 bracket.

I find the name a tad bit stale and trying to be overly accepting of the 84 fails that curse this bracket.
I'll be joining the bracket in about 4 months :)... So I'll check after awhile on the best guild to hit up.. Only alliance.
4months LOL wtf
Sweet, someone can read at level 80 as well!
Taking a break to be honest. Finishing up my semester then going to do some traveling :). After that back to the normal life of gaming and all the joys of life.
11/17/2011 06:29 AMPosted by Thebpatty
Sweet, someone can read at level 80 as well!

Shouldn't make enemies in a bracket you're not even in yet.

Don't want this to turn in to like whenever you post in the 70 bracket.
Word.. Meh that was like 9 months ago when I really let em have it on forums..
11/17/2011 06:49 AMPosted by Thebpatty
Word.. Meh that was like 9 months ago when I really let em have it on forums..

Soloing MC no dice on eye or bindings faction changed now trying it again :D

QQ no bindings fml! lets see what rag drops this time

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