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Easier gear closes the gear gap. Less gear gap means a more even playing field. The more gear is normalized, the more skill is enforced (within comp). If you only Pvp for the shiny gear, you can do that. If you enjoy Pvp to prove you are better than others based on skill, this should be welcome. Who cares if Pvp gear is easier to obtain, both casuals and hardcore benefit from this directly.The only people who this hurts are the wannabes. You know, the people who claim to love pvp for the challenge, but whine when challenge can occur.

Reckstorm in a full Kidney and Smokebomb with no trinket.
11/18/2011 12:25 AMPosted by Sòrrów
Still proving the point YOU didnt have an answer and the whole fact that you 2 went around my main thing that how someone with no gear just hit 85 has about as much chance as a person who does arenas and rbgs at getting geared without any work. because plz almost the majority of ppl who just hit 85 still in greens and blues shoot even some ppl with epics just sit there and run around in circles waiting for the win and now with even more reason to enter bgs to just sit there and afk.

Actually, no. I said that I couldn't reply with out trolling you, therefor I had no real reply to give. Another thing you're not to bright on.

Yeah, people are going to afk random bgs - big deal, they have a report feature, I guess you should get used to using it.

You want to complain that 8 arenas is hard and yet you've never stepped foot out of 1500 on that character. Sure, I'm making assumptions now, but I'm working with what I got. There is no reason to complain about this because like Neurotic said, it benefits everyone.

I would understand, if they took away the arena cap and forced everyone to do the random bg for their normal arena cap. But, it's not that way. I think you're just complaining to complain, and when this hits live, you're going to love the change.

I'll go back to my original statement, Get over it.
11/17/2011 11:51 PMPosted by Sòrrów
Im sorry to say but its alot harder than someone in full blues sitting in a bg either dying or just running around getting carried by 9, 14, or 39 players because he/she believes they have every right to be as geared as someone who does arenas/rbgs without putting in any work.

How do you think fresh 85s are supposed to gear up for pvp? Players will still need to farm honor gear first. I think someone mentioned that it'll take 25 bg wins to cap points for the week.

Think about how much honor these players will be farming before unlocking their conquest gear. It's not like they'll be in bloodthirsty one day, and ruthless the next. No, they'll be in full honor gear long before that, so no need to worry about players geared in blues getting a free ride to the best gear.

It'll be a long journey, and likely feel more rewarding than your 30 minute sessions of root spamming each week. :)

11/17/2011 11:55 PMPosted by Sòrrów
Also if you say its so easy to win the 8 arenas and 1 rbg why are ppl asking for this why not just do it since winning an arena or rbg is soooooooo much easier than winning a bg?

The players saying entry level arena grinding is easy aren't even the same people asking for conquest through non-rateds.

Not that I've seen anybody actually asking for it, but I assume they are the type of player who can't do arena because they aren't able to enjoy it for whatever reason.

Should those players have to deal with you and your superior stats on the battlefield? What's wrong with an even playing field, really?

I think if you're any good at battlegrounds (not just 2v2 deathmatches) you'll outplay them. If you're not a team player, then you deserve to lose! You're free to stay out of bgs and continue playing whatever form of pvp you enjoy.
11/17/2011 12:04 PMPosted by Pathogen
why can't we get pvp titles from normal bg's yet
why can't we get pvp titles from normal bg's yet

I think battlemaster is a pretty sweet title.

edit: oh, and what about bloothirsty and conqueror?
Might as well just take Arenas out of the game at this point, really.
11/18/2011 01:45 AMPosted by Zxillius
Might as well just take Arenas out of the game at this point, really.

Some people actually enjoy arena for the sport that it is. Those same people couldn't care less if everyone else had the same gear they were wearing, because it's what they're able to do with that gear that actually means something.
Best. Change. Ever.
Cool :D

You guys are making tons of good changes lately. I have been critical before but there's been so many good improvements to this game lately... I really feel like you're listening to the player-base.

11/18/2011 01:44 AMPosted by Racthoh
why can't we get pvp titles from normal bg's yet

Because then you are lowering the skill required to earn these titles, and making it so that any player who can team up with his guild in a BG and crush the competition. I won't be able to tell if someone is actually GOOD who has that title anymore.

I worked hard for my PvP titles, and i feel as that they are only aesthetic, other players should have to earn them as well.

Anyways, you already have battlemaster.
Thank you SO much for this change!

I'm SO sick of doing "2's for points", seriously! It's not even fun!

But I love doing BGs and thanks to this change I will be doing A LOT more of them. I cannot thank you enough! <3
BGs will finally be somewhat rewarding. Next step, make personal MMR for normal BGs.
<3 this! :)
So please for the love of god make a changeover from conquest to valor or justice idc.....and surley to god there is a way to stop these guys from queing into instances with full pvp sets it's really getting stupid and ruining the "pug" experience
I was just thinking that BG's could use even MORE bots/afk trolls leeching free gear, and it would seem that Blizzard has both heard and answered my prayers! I'll have to remember in the future that Blizzard is incapable of deducing sarcasm via prayers.

I don't suppose you'll be announcing a plan for stronger measures AGAINST bots and afkers along with this free gear option, hmm?

I don't suppose you'll be announcing a plan for stronger measures AGAINST bots and afkers along with this free gear option, hmm?

To be honest, I believe that most bots are better than the average Alliance player.
Wow you guys are being absolutely ridiculous.

The only people who cause botting in bgs are...

...wait for it...

...botters. This change is long overdue and should not be held back just because it will benefit botters as well. If you want blizzard to take harder stances against botting then go make a separate thread about it and stop clogging this one up with your off-topic shenanigans.

The other complaints are centered around "Bads getting gear" which is a pretty terrible argument to begin with. Gear gaps have no place in pvp at all and any change blizzard makes to reduce the gap is a-ok in my books.

Thanks Bashiok, that way, i can run my undergeared friends to get them up to arena level through bgs much easier :D

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