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Very happy about this change.
Now is there anyway we can get like 20G per win?
As a PVP with little time, it is very hard to get gold with out having to PVE or run professions.
PVE'er just do what they like,PVE and get gold from looting. There is no way to make gold from PVP.
So you want PvP to be able to gear up faster, yet PvE you want us to have less so it takes longer to gear up. Nice.
Kinda sad that blizz is doing this, i miss when you actually had to work for your gear and need a prerequisite to obtain certain pieces of gear :'(

Now its gunna be like oh nice you have that gear? YA MAN I JUST DID A FEW RANDOM BG'S

Edit: Yes there is a prerequisite to get your T2 weapons but besides weapons thats the only thing your actually having to work for.

Agreed. I used to feel good when I worked to get my gear. Now everyone and their mothers have it and it takes less skill.

Welcome to world of casualcraft. Where everyone doesnt have to do anything for gear. Very disapointing. If you dont have enough skills to do arena to obtain gear then you shouldnt be worthy of it.
Sweet! This should make my alts very happy!
This is the stupidest thing ever. Thank you Devs for taking away every single reason every WoW player sub 2.2k ever had to do arena. Everywhere you look these days people are on arena teams that are sub 1500 with only a few games played, teams are deleted and recreated non stop because no one has to set any goals anymore, I've seen Thousands! of players with only 10-15 games played on their teams so they can casually farm up pvp gear, not caring about ever doing good or ever becoming better at the game because it seems like there is no reason to anymore. It used to be required of you to get 1800 rating to unlock weapons and 2k to unlock shoulders, people had to go to great lengths to reach these ratings at one point and it was a HUGE sense of accomplishment when they did, they had items that they fought rigorously to get.

All this will do is take away the less skilled players from arena aka "Noobs" 1800 rated players will become 1600 rated players and 1600 rated player will most likely not do arena anymore because there will be no reason to. There was no reason to before hand and there will most definitely be no reason to now. This is just going to break the game even further, this is mass catering to the casual low lives that claim they play for fun and don't care about ever accomplishing anything, even though they spend countless hours of their lives playing the game. They will continue to be bad and never look to become better at the game because YOU guys (Blizzard) are allowing them to enjoy the game in that manner, thus making the game less appealing to people who do play for the achievements and honor of being great at it.

Cons of this change:
~Even less people playing arena.
~There is already no reason to try to achieve high ratings for some 90% of the wow community now that number will unfortunately increase.
~Bad players will stay bad.
~Players that were once capable of achieving X high rating will most likely be much lower next season because of the lower skill based players that were removed from arena via this change that will not be there anymore for them to beat and get to where they were, in other words, those people may very well become the new Noobs of arena.
~No point in doing arena anymore.

Pros of this change:
~I suppose people with alts can cap them? (once again giving people no reason to ever want to become better at their toons and take initiative in becoming a skilled player) Even though it was never hard and will never be hard to cap a toon especially at default ratings, which is what 90% of you kids are at.
~Thats it?

Why is it that everything about arena has become so easy and casual?

How to fix the arena problem:
~Re-implement rating requirements on weapons and shoulders.

~Lower the default point cap and keep the point requirement to purchase gear where it currently is.

This will give people reasons to WANT to do arena not NOT WANT to do arena like this change is doing.

This will also cause people to WANT TO BETTER THEMSELVES AT SOMETHING THAT THEY SPEND MORE HOURS ON THEN THEY DO WITH THEIR FAMILY'S (You'd think humans would want to be the best they could at things they do, but unfortunately that's not the case).

~Monitor win trading and mmr exploiting a lot LOT more.

Follow these steps and you will see a subscription increase, imo.

Edit: Sorry if their are any grammatical issues or typos, I didn't and wont double check the post.
If regular battlegrounds give Conquest Points, it's only fair that Arenas give Honor Points.
GJ now arena will be more dead due to lack of interest thanks to this.
Honor from arenas would be a great change as well
This is a great change as I have a few toons that I conquest cap every week, and finding a 2's partner/rbg group for more than one alt can be a pain. gj Blizz :)
Now we wont be FORCED to do stupid/dumb/tard 2v2 to get the good gear

and who plays competitive arena still get the better gear

@ppl complaining, lol.
11/18/2011 11:01 AMPosted by Blankz
and who plays competitive arena still get the better gear

No, they get the SAME gear. There's no point to play arena anymore unless you want the gear faster or get 2200 (which is only a small % of rated players), but if the bottom drops out because they can now do the easier thing, getting 2200 becomes much harder.
I'm totally for this - granted I don't have a PvP set currently (I mainly tank in PvP using my PvE set), and I'd probably do more BG randoms and actually work towards a conquest set. I mostly do TB more than any other BG (<cough FIX WINTERGRASP <cough>), but I'd definitely be one of those enticed to do more. I'm probably not the Rated BG type, and admittedly I'd probably initially convert CP to VP to improve my PvE set before building a straight PvP set.
YES I've been waiting for this since BC now I don't have to do arenas or have to play on a schedule to do an RBG

@>@ Yey.

This is awesome c: our Guild isn't big on PvP so finding enough people for RBG's is hard (not a big fan of arena) so this is a great way to finally get the gear XD
11/18/2011 10:47 AMPosted by Nahson
If regular battlegrounds give Conquest Points, it's only fair that Arenas give Honor Points.

11/18/2011 10:49 AMPosted by Synasthesia
Honor from arenas would be a great change as well

They've said already that once you're conquest capped you'll gain honor instead from Arena.
this won't change my incentive to arena, i do arena for fun. Will I do RBGs less? Yes. But RBGs are a mess (in terms of politics).
WOOHOO! Hell yeah!
Sweett!!!! :D

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