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11/18/2011 10:48 AMPosted by Cornetto
GJ now arena will be more dead due to lack of interest thanks to this.

In the 1000 mmr where most don't even like areans, why do you care? the 2200 will not even notice, if anything this could deflate ratings meaning a higher rating would have more meaning. Besides doing the arenas is a lot faster and the better route to cap the points, most people will still do it, just maybe not the full cap as they could opt to get the last point through bging.
I love this change.
Ohhhh, I love all the negative people. All this change does is give people encouragement to do BGS.

I mean really, people act like getting conquest capped every week is currently difficult and takes skill. All it takes is some one to make an arena team and face roll at a lame rating for a couple hours a week to a low rated lame CP cap. If your idea of a show of skill is farming the basic conquest gear, well LOL!

The difference? Now people can farm BG's for much longer to hit the same cap, but in theory BG ques will be shorter. GASP!

Your rating is the show of skill, not the conquest gear. I really think they should make the 2200 gear look much better than the normal conquest set.

Besides, if you have any skill at all you should be grinning like a maniac at the idea of lots more random people hopping into arenas. People with gear thinking they have a chance because they have high damage in bgs.
11/18/2011 10:43 AMPosted by Yeorgaki
All this will do is take away the less skilled players from arena aka "Noobs" 1800 rated players will become 1600 rated players and 1600 rated player will most likely not do arena anymore because there will be no reason to. There was no reason to before hand and there will most definitely be no reason to now.

Maybe players should finally play arena because, I don't know, they enjoy small team-based competitive pvp combat? If most players are playing arena solely for the gear, then maybe arena isn't really that fun when you get down to it. If some players still find arena fun, well, it's still there.

They will continue to be bad and never look to become better at the game because YOU guys (Blizzard) are allowing them to enjoy the game in that manner

Blizzard allowing players to enjoy the game in their own manner, what an outrage.

thus making the game less appealing to people who do play for the achievements and honor of being great at it.

You can still be "great at it". Yes, that is allowed. PvP has lots of achievements and titles you can shoot for. If someone can't get them though, I guess they're just as bad as the rest of the noobs.


Overall, it's questionable that there should even be any kind of gear gap in PvP. In most sports and games, every participant is given the same tools and rule set to play with. The qualities that distinguish players are skill, experience, and effort. Winners are typically rewarded with things like titles and money not game play advantages; winning a basketball league doesn't mean you get an extra player the next season.

However, the way the arena system worked in BC was the equivalent to giving a sports team an extra player for winning. Players at the top got better and better gear, giving them an ever increasing attribute advantage against everyone else. The statistical gap between arena elitist and BG noob was huge and unjustified in any kind of competitive play environment.

Lately there has been a more even approach to how PvP gear is acquired. You could get most gear just by winning a certain number of arena matches and rating was no longer much of a factor. Yes, Blizzard is still sticking with the model that motivates players through slowly increasing their basic stats, but at least it's actually available to all types of players now. Before only a select few could actually increase their stats beyond a certain point.
this is great! now everyone can get pvp conq gear, and arena ques go way up!
also, why not any t2 for bgs? like, if you win more than you lose in unrated bgs w/ bg finder groups, should clearly be equal gear rewards as 2200
also, this will be eye-opening to some w/o arena, since premade's will rise in prevalence to roflstomp the pve warriors getting offset gear and to showcase the difference between a premade group of full t2 rbg groups grinding pve warriors for "not so quick (....)" cp caps
As someone who has found arenas boring (I like player versus player, not class composition versus class composition, and hey, none of my friends make the right class composition), and refused to do them since BC, and as someone who works on the wrong days to make it to my guild's rated BGs, I think this is a great change. Reward people for playing, not just playing a specific way.
11/17/2011 09:13 AMPosted by Hanners
nice pvp gear shouldnt be hard to earn anyway pvp is about skill not about gear =P

This man/woman has logic beyond his/her years. I also think this change is excellent for the super casual no friends players.

Edit: no wow Friends I mean lol
This is a horrible change. Congratulations, you've successfully managed to find the sweet spot where any idiot with a pulse can afk their way through AV to full conquest gear.

This doesn't reward the casuals who are good enough to play arenas but don't have the time. How on earth does it help a casual player to grind 30 BG wins a week? How is that any less time consuming/complicated than simply finding an arena partner in trade chat? This change perfectly suits every bad PvPer who has too much time to play this game but doesn't have the neural framework to competently call out CCs. Stupid crap like,

Reward people for playing, not just playing a specific way.

is simply that: crap. If you want conquest gear but hate the arena format, play RBGs. You're not supposed to be rewarded for trolololing your way through pug BGs.

Awesome job Blizzard. I thought we wanted to move away from welfare gear?
11/18/2011 12:20 PMPosted by Perkytotems
This is a horrible change. Congratulations, you've successfully managed to find the sweet spot where any idiot with a pulse can afk their way through AV to full conquest gear.

It has been welfare gear the whole expansion. I'm sorry if you actually thought it was skill farming CP cap every week.
No actually you won't. What you WILL see is random bg heroes in full S11 destroying new players in random bgs. Skilled player are probably still going to opt to do rated pvp. This system will flood the rated arenas and battlegrounds with geared, unskilled players on one hand, and make pvp almost unenjoyable for new players trying to gear up on the other.The road to Hell is paved with good intentions.....

How is offering a 3rd option of how to acquire Conquest going to flood rated arenas and battlegrounds with geared, unskilled players since they're already there and many will likely continue doing them? This sounds like speculation with no foundation or any logic to back it. Why is that a problem since arenas and RBGs are matched up based on MMR? I don't see how your post is the slightest bit constructive.

Blizzard is making a positive change because now there's a viable third way to gear up for PvP. Competition will still be matched by MMR in RBGs and Arena, and the players who enjoyed that before will still be able to enjoy it in the future. Try to see the positive in the change, that people can have fun and do what they want. Spend less time trying to pin stereotypes of "unskilled players" etc on people. At the very least this change will bring more people to PvP, and at best it will broaden the spectrum so the competition will be there in every bracket of skill.
It has been welfare gear the whole expansion. I'm sorry if you actually thought it was skill farming CP cap every week.

Ooooh, right. The skill differential between pug BGs and anything below 2200 is so small that we can overlook it with gross exaggerations and QQ.

No matter how pink your beard is, there's a difference even between pug BGs and 1200 arena MMR. Hell, there's a difference between pug BGs and 1000 MMR RBGs. You can claim otherwise all you'd like, but it's still there. You can afk your way through a pug BG. You can't afk through a 1000 MMR arena match.

Good God, dude, of COURSE you're supposed to be rewarded for playing pug BGs.

What game do you think you're playing? One that is designed just for your preference and advantage?

You already are rewarded. You get a ton of honor for doing BGs. Now that you've already got your honor gear (which is better than the previous season's elite gear), you want more too? You're probably one of those idiots protesting on Wall Street right now about the "99%" bullcrap.
This will definitely break down the incentives to do Rated BG's, and is contrary to the other announcement about VP.

I get 400 points for a rated BG win, and, by design of the MMR system, my intended win rate is 50/50. Matches tend to run nearly the full duration. I will say an average of 30 minutes. So that's an average of 200 pts per 30 minutes or 400 pts per hour.

On the other hand, if I take five of us and queue for a random, I can almost guarantee a win. But let's say I would win 3 out of 4. These games tend to be quick - maybe 10 minutes each on average. That's 50 points x 6 = 300 @ 75% = 225 pts per hour.

Yes, Rated BG's are more efficient, but not a ton in relationship to how much time I need to cap. Where is the payout for all the additional skill and logistical work required?

why would you grind your points like this? just using the 100pt dailies, + 13 wins, goes to around 4/3 x 200 mins = a little over 5 hours, compared to 3.5 hours @ 75%. if you win 95%, the rates both go to (apx) 3.5 hours.
I'm extremely happy with this change. Awesome job Blizzard.
Malebogia approves.
11/18/2011 12:29 PMPosted by Perkytotems
Ooooh, right. The skill differential between pug BGs and anything below 2200 is so small that we can overlook it with gross exaggerations and QQ.

Yeah the only difference is you can get CP cap in a couple hours with no arena rating or in several hours farming BGs. You still have the same nothing cap the whole time. But hey, keep telling yourself that you worked hard farming that gear and low rating. You're special and never forget it.
People who are not happy about this change are:

1.) Struggling losing lots of arena matches every week with a low cap and are frustrated and want to take that out on someone else.
2.) People close to 2200 rating, but can't quite make it.
3.) Lemmings.
4.) People who are angry in real life who just want to find a way to stomp out other people's enjoyment.

People who are happy about this change are:

1.) People accepting losses and working their way through arena matches each week and having fun.
2.) People who worked hard and accept their rating whether they struggle at 1000 or easily hit 2200.
3.) Leaders.
4.) People who are happy in real life and enjoy seeing others find happiness in their activities.
also I feel this discourages interest in arenas/RBG, it would be like dumbing down heroic top tier gear so that it drops in 5 man normal mobs as well as heroic FL/dragonsoul bosses might be said to "spread the wealth so realm firsts/achieves are a more accurate reflection of skill" . isn't this mmoRPg? the RP element is something to just faceroll over, so the gear reflects a simalucrum of RP/rpg?
can just PTR for insta 85 w/ gear
Everyone complains that 2's are unbalanced, yet everyone does them for "points" not for rating because they are typically the easiest and quickest way to get Conquest capped.

Now people who do not enjoy arena have an alternative option. Will this kill arena? Never, people still want rating, titles and achieves available in arena category.

Does this take away the "exclusiveness' of arena gear? No, RBGs did that. Plus you have the 2200 rated gear that the average Joe will never be able to obtain.

Will it destroy RBGs? I doubt it, I foresee a growth in RBGs now that there will be more geared players available. Those that are gearing via BGs will (or should) have a good understanding of BG objectives due to the motivation to win will be much higher.
RBGs have higher conquest rewards and the War Mounts, as well as titles and achieves of their own that will keep them desirable.

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