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I like this change. Don't forget.. those that will be earning conquest thru normal BGs will have the lower cap... that cannot be raised unless you arena or RBG and get the needed rating to extend your cap. Don't get mad and say "everyone will be in PvP gear" because.. while they will have PvP gear... you will still have more gear since you will be earning more conquest each week. Enjoy!
11/17/2011 09:33 AMPosted by Itizamuh
Great change. Only question is, what good are honor points now? Just to buy mats?

you could always convert them to justice points i guess.

good change is good.
Great change, some of my friends will be delighted to hear this. I am delighted to hear this.

I do have a few concerns to raise, however. Ive put them in order in how concerning I think they are.

1. Botting/AFKing will probably increase. Is it possible to increase efforts to combat botting?

2. Premades will probably increase. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, as it encourages group play. I raise this concern only because we all know how frustrating it is when your team gives up before the battle starts when the other team is a premade. Some of us don't mind the challenge of dealing with a premade group, but do mind dealing with the challenge of unmotivated teammates.

3. The amount of conquest points rewarded is still a little low to compete with doing arenas to cap your conquest in a time-appropriate manner. Again, this isn't necessarily a bad thing, as there should still be a worthwhile reward for doing arenas. This is at the bottom of my list of concerns for that reason.

Again, this is a welcome change from my perspective. My major concern is with the botting.

Thanks for reading.

you could always convert them to justice points i guess.

good change is good.

they help you get your starter pvp set thing :O

conquest is the eventual reward, like uhh high warlord stuff, but easier
11/17/2011 10:47 AMPosted by Itizamuh
t amazes me that a few people are actually whining about this. If you are good, then prove it by beating people in equal gear. I am a good player, and I want my opponents to have the same gear as me so that I know I deserved to win or lose (aside from class balance; whole other issue.)

I dont play pvp very offten, and when i come with my vicious and some ruthless on some BGS i'm owned. now with more conquest, ppl can gear up faster and prove, like he said, who is better.

I like this change, but pve world will be twisted by twisted freaks the will come raiding of f****ing pvp gear.
Makes sense, since dungeons award Valor Points. Good change!
Honor points will still be useful up to a certain point. The conquest point cap will still be in place this will just be another way to earn your conquest points. After that point ya mats, convert to JP, buy heirlooms, toss them at people.. oh wait cant do that last one

A crap Change means all the work it takes to run Rated bgs and arenas is now null make CP from randoms cap at a certain point would be nice.. atleast then we dont have to worry about never doing arena or rateds anymore
i personally love this change, i do a lot of bg on all my toons, but not arena because i just dont feel comfortable, have the time, or have the people to do them. and i think this evens things out, i mean if you farm Zands your can get 900 Valor per win. you really dont even have to raid to get half of the gear that is considered some of the best pve gear ingame. But for Bg you could spend as much time in there and only get regular honor gear instead of the better pvp set. This could also gives teams more of an incentive to win because right now honor does nothing for me so i just do what ever i want in a bg idc if we win or lose as long as we dont get stomped haa
Honour points are still useful. Check this character's recent activity. It should be loaded with Brutal Gladiator's Mutilators. 105 honour a piece, sells for 16g a piece two hours later. 4000 honour = about 610g this way, which could be less than a BoE epic from Justice point conversions, but it's much less hassle if you have the bag space to spare.
Looking forward to being able to get closer to capping each week with this extra CQ pnts from BGs.

I wonder thought - will there be anything added in the futur in order to queue or better search for RBG groups?
In patch 4.3 we’re changing the daily battleground (BG) to reward 100 conquest for a win (up from 25). In addition, every non-rated BG that you win will also give you 50 conquest. There is no limit to how many BGs you can run this way, up to the normal conquest cap

The normal cap still applies so arena's and rbg's will still matter
The mere fact that conquest gear will now denote absolutely no accomplishment will really kill the incentive for people to bother with pvp at all. With people able to cap now from disorganized BGs, I think we'll be seeing a lot less organized play. This also really undermines the conceit that PvP and raids are equivalent activities.

you're forgetting the fact that there's still the special color schemed "elite" seasonal pvp gear and higher ilevel pvp weapons for high rated arena players and also special pvp mounts reward for sustained RBG winning.
YES!!!!! It's about time!!!! Thanks guys!!
Supporting BG bots :

1) Blizzard adds exp to battleground, bots now not only farm honor all day, but can even go 10-85 farming it!

2) Blizzard adds conquest points to battlegrounds, bots can now get equal gear to real PVPers, and even faster because bots don't have to sleep!
Meh itll be somewhat fair since it wont be a pvp gear against pve gear battles as much since now everyone has access to the same gear itll be more skills then gear.
I clapped. Like, literally... at work. I've been doing my daily heroics just to get the VP to convert to Conquest. I hate doing daily heroics, so this has made my day. I don't really know anyone that runs RBGs, and it is tough to schedule in a time to meet up with 9 others anyway, so now I can run a BG whenever I want to and still look forward to getting those points. Awesome change.

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