Deathknights!! Show Off Your Transmog Gear!

Death Knight
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Show off your 1337 unholy gear here! I need some ideas for my own set!
I don't actually have any of it yet being that I'm still only 65, but the moment I get the chance I'm doing the quest chain to pick up Torn-Heart Axe of Battle and then later on farm H-Mana Tombs for Axe of the Nexus-Kings
nice those are awesome
anyone else?
@ Necbromancer I love that tier set; recolor is nice

@Dreca. nice!
I win hands down. :] not done yet still need my hands and chest :D

On an undead male. Trust me, I WIN.
<--- Wearing my tanking set. Thinking about this for DPS:
Posted on the older thread, thought I'd post on this one as well.

I wasn't thinking that Transmogging would be my thing but when I logged on to the PTR I changed my mind really quick. Until I get this set put together I'm using full ICC heroic tier as a filler.

I also wasn't going to post my set so that I could be one of the only ones using the look. But at least I'll be the only one on my server and know that it's a set that I put together. Seems the majority of people are going to be transmogging the same thing like the DK starter set and to me that's boring.

I call this my Golden Dragon set and while it's not very death knightish I'm pretty confident it'll be unique.

@Appear wow really unique/cool.
heres mine, its not really anything special. I like the 378 elementium red set look. Along with 2 Phantom Blades with Razor Ice enchant for a frost DK. gives it a red armor, frosty sword look to it.

though for some reason that does not show the enchant glow, also ingame as most old schoolers know phantom blades sheath behind your back criss-crossed instead of on the side. I was going to go with a blade of wizardry(14k on the AH atm) until i realized I didnt have an argent defender/avenger or teebu's etc nothing to match with it.
i love this head pease
no tauren DKs -.-

im trying to decide on a good transmog but its so hard to find a helmet that actually looks good on a tauren
I r l33t.

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