Buff Blood Death Knights!!!

Are you kidding me blizzard? They're the worst class / spec in the game right now! They die so fast and get killed almost instantly against melee classes! Buff rune tap its not overpowered at all! Also why are you nerfing blood death knights in the patch notes?they need a serious buff! Blizzard you don't care about Pve anymore do you?

Now, Read everything I typed but opposite
I agree Blood dks are so underpowered right now they need a huge buff.
11/19/2011 09:50 PMPosted by Ikota
I agree Blood dks are so underpowered right now they need a huge buff.

I would have to agree
Not sure why people post things like this and somehow get under the misconception that they're clever.
A dk mad about a buff?
heres how to manage a blood dk

>ignore him because his damage is crap
>kill his partners
>proceed to kill him 3v1

in lol2's
>be less bad
11/19/2011 10:14 PMPosted by Darkrachet
A dk mad about a buff?
Im not mad about a SLIGHT buff, I just think you tard rogues have little to complain about, so you pick the one counter to you, a blood dk. It's sad really. If you dare to say you have an REAL counter, you are completely ignorant and should skill up.

sup mages
11/19/2011 09:52 PMPosted by Darkrachet
Reported, hopefully this gets removed. If your going to troll, please at least make it semi believable.

someone mad cos he got am when blood was op
Also, dispel his vengeance. Thats all.
yes i can kill them with stampede so i think they need buff tbh i kill them with silence and stampede so they cant do pack of the lich to heal
season 12 needed to weed out all those blood clowns from Cata who thought they were bad asses because bliz made them unkillable by melee classes in 2s. Blood should be like prot.. not for use in arena

When I play my mage.... I LOVE blook dks... I'll take two please .. and make um horde for a little extra fun
I requested sticky.

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