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Aerie Peak
Hello, I'm Adam. I am currently seeking a 10m or 25m raiding guild that possesses a great amount of progression through current content, specifically guilds that are 4/7H and above, and can swiftly progress through upcoming content (4.3, MoP).

I've been a part of many previous raiding guilds, but all of these have been incredibly lackluster and are not at the level of skill that I am willing to spend my time with. They were just degrading to my ability. Half of them just flat out broke apart. I cannot stand being a part of a failure anymore, I'm done with that. I want to join a guild that has made serious progression, is stable in that it won't be prone to a break-up, is mature, intelligent, and professional, and where everyone else is as dedicated as I am to finishing end-game content.

I consider myself to be an exceptional player; nothing more, nothing less. I pull my weight in raids and I always perform to the best of my ability. I am dedicated to my character and I want to make him amazing by being a part of an amazing guild. I believe that by choosing me, you will not regret it.

As for my availability, I am able to raid from 5 server to 10 server on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday. I am not able to raid Thursdays. I can raid from 6 - 10 server on Saturday.

Here are some logs showcasing my dps in the Arms specialization:
^^^10m Ragnaros - this was logged about a month ago and has been surpassed.
^^^25m Ragnaros - this was logged a couple of weeks ago.
^^^25m Baleroc - this was logged a couple of weeks ago.
^^^25m Shannox - this was logged a couple of weeks ago.
^^^25m Beth'tilac - this was logged a couple of weeks ago (I was on upper-level duty).

Thanks for viewing my post and I am looking forward to reading some responses. Feel free to message me in-game as well.

Also TL;DR
inb4 Arms is bad
Arms is bad
11/21/2011 06:52 AMPosted by Bullcrap
inb4 Arms is bad

well at least it's more viable than resto shamans

I resent that.
Still in search of a new home.
If you can raid weekends: but you'd be tanking a few fights as a warning. We'll gear you.

8-12 EST Fri/Sat & 8-10P Sun

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