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Stationed in the Horde's major cities, donning the typically silver, gold, and blue colours of the Order, men and women (of those races found within the Horde as a matter of safety and diplomacy) can be found, either parked under the Argent Crusade's banner or mounted on white Hippogryphs to patrol the streets. The Order's recruitment officers speak to those passerby interested and hand out information, including applications and parchment that reads:

The Scourge may have been defeated, but evil has not.

The Argent Crusade has a long history of fighting evil in many forms, be it the Twilight's Hammer, the Burning Legion, or the Scourge. So long as there are malevolent forces threatening this world, we will have a place in it... And we will need help.

The Order seeks more for a newer project titled "Empyrean Gauntlet." The city of Tyr's Hand in the Eastern Plaguelands is being restored and established as both a base of operations and community. Those stationed there will protect the city and any who live or visit there, as well as have work in the field ranging from keeping the Scourge at bay in the Plaguelands, to travelling to different parts of the world on a demonhunt, to bringing relief and aid to those who suffer from the constant ravages of war, and more.

Those interested may send correspondence to or directly seek out the patriarch of the city, Bishop Auraelius Lightwarden.
Name: Empyrean Gauntlet
Guild type: RP, semi-military, "town" RP.
Level requirement: 39. Not by choice, but necessity. There's a quest in Eastern Plaguelands called The Brotherhood of Light which you'll need to complete. It starts at Leonid Bathalomew the Revered in Light's Hope Chapel. This quest is required to join the guild, because without doing so you will not be in the correct phase of Tyr's Hand, and will be unable to see your other guildies.
Addon requirement: A character description addon (we prefer TotalRP2, but MyRoleplay or FlagRSP2 are perfectly acceptable) and Gryphonheart Items.
Allowed races/classes: Any (though Warlocks, Deathknights, and Shadow Priests may be watched more carefully).
Where to apply: At our site.

Empyrean Gauntlet is essentially outlined in the previous post. We're a group of Crusaders who call Tyr's Hand our home and do everything from casual RP at the city to heading out into the world for guild storylines and "mission work" events, the latter in attempts to stir up random RP with folks.

The setting of Tyr's Hand is set up to provide a solid, legitimate city "feel," which includes laws and law enforcement.

There's too much information on our site to try to condense onto a forum post, though! :) Please visit it and if you have any questions/comments/criticisms, please feel free to contact me in-game or post here.


Our first major storyline revolved around a new Necropolis in Storm Peaks called Obrahiimas. We used cleared Naxxramas for the setting and DMed environmental dangers and "bosses" alike, and guildies played bosses around the Citadel. The system worked out rather well, as it gave people the chance to play something they normally wouldn't be able to.

The last campaign we recently returned from was one involving the Eastern Plaguelands being infested by a branch of the Shadow Council, who managed to open a small portal to Draenor. The Crusaders went through it in a sort of homage to Warcraft II and eventually made it home after a bloody battle spanning the entirety of Draenor. It heavily featured "world RP" and brought people to parts of the world they may not have otherwise RPed in.

We use a freeform sort of RP fighting style, with some /random 20 for "raid-wide" damage for the sake of fairness and Crusaders being forced to take some hits. :3

The next storyline is in the works and we're doing a recruitment push in preparation for it so there are plenty of people involved. Join us and enrich and contribute to it!
This sounds pretty awesome! I may drop in one of these days and give your town a poke! Hooray for Forsaken Light followers!
What do you mean there is an Argent guild hordeside?! :D Ossum. This guild looks amazing!
Forsaken Light follower here. This is looking pretty appealing. I'll definitely be keeping my non-existent eyes on you guys.
Glad to see some interest! This guild has the potential to be something so cool, it'd be really neat to see it get further off the ground.

And heck yeah for Forsaken Light Followers.

See, where were you guys between '08 and '10, when my underground church of the Holy Light was actually active and looking for more Forsaken to compliment all the BElves and odd troll, orc, and tauren?
I was casually RPing and mostly raiding. :x
Bump ^^
Argent bump!
Blatantly taking the idea from that seemingly amazing Cult of the Damned recruitment thread.

Stand fast brothers and sisters! The Light will prevail!

-Lord Maxwell Tyrosus

<3 @ from the former Blood Elf Judge
A bump from Tyr's Hand's resident Demonologist...

I mean swordsman, of course.
Warlock? Why, I never! What an outrageous accusation!
Hurray team!
Thanks for the bumps!

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