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I made a charator on alliance i got sick of him so i sent my BOA back to one of my charators on horde so right after sending them I deleted my alliance guy. I went back on my charator i sent it to when reciving the mail i opened it and im on a laptop so i accendently hit either reply or delete i cant find them. I lost leather shoulders and a dagger both obtained from honour. PLease help i don't want to get 4k honour agian.
It looks like you have your Exceptional Stormshroud Shoulders and Sharpened Scarlet Kris on the level 14 Shaman you recently deleted. It is sitting in their mailbox.

You'll want to submit an in-game petition and ask for that character to be restored.
How will i do that?
11/23/2011 05:45 PMPosted by Doting
How will i do that?

To submit a petition log into the game, it doesn't matter which character. Once you are logged in look in the lower right corner of your interface. There should be a red question mark there.

This will bring up the In-Game Knowledge Base window, a database full of support articles for your reference. Four options will also appear towards the bottom of the window:

• Knowledge Base
• Account Security
• Character Stuck!
• Report Lag
• Report Abuse
• Open a Ticket

Selecting the Open a Ticket button will open up a new intractable window that refers to our Top Issues. Just click on Open a Ticket again and you'll get a text box that you can put your request in.

You'll want to put something like "I accidentally deleted my character, could you restore (Character name) who is on (X realm) she/he was level Z. "
I can not find my BoA for my Hunter AkA the back or trinkets please help my Cloth boa and leather is missing as well
Please open an in game ticket,

Make sure to include the names of the items you can't find in that ticket. While waiting for the ticket to be answered, make sure to check all your characters.

If you sent the items, and they were never retrieved, it is possible they decayed. There is still a small chance if that happened the GM staff can find them.

In the future, please avoid posts older then 2 weeks.
This thread is from 2011, you should have made your own thread

You need to file a ticket about your BoAs.
I cannot find my entire set of BoA's for my enhancement shaman I don't know what I did with them
03/23/2014 01:55 PMPosted by Rufflebottom
This thread is from 2011, you should have made your own thread

You need to file a ticket about your BoAs.

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