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I recently bought the new Amazon Kindle Fire and want to try installing the Mobile Armory app on it. Problem is, since I don't have an android phone, there's no way for me to download the app from the android market. I'd rather not have to root my Fire, are you guys (Blizzard) planning on sumbitting the armory to the Amazon app store or at least making the .apk available to users who are trying to test this on tablets?
I would also like to see this on the Kindle Fire.
As would I.
As Liogela likes to say...
07/11/2011 09:44 AMPosted by Liogela
I unfortunately can neither confirm nor deny any development projects that have not already been officially announced.

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if we express interest they might decide it's worth it
11/25/2011 12:18 PMPosted by Docwhoomph
if we express interest they might decide it's worth it

I'm sure they've already thought about it already, ;P.
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What's up? Why isn't it available on app marketplace for Kindle Fire?
I would also like to see this for the Fire. All they have to do is make the apk available for download from their site if they don't want to go through Amazon.

My husband got rid of his iPhone today and within hours of taking the authenticator off, his account that hasn't been active for months was hacked. I didn't realize hacking was that much of an issue. If it's that easy for an account to get hacked, Blizzard needs to make is as easy as possible to get an authenticator.
yeah, the incapability to get the authenticator on my fire is the only reason I still have my ipod touch... 2nd gen blah... I think it's pretty safe to say most of this is in the works blizz is usually really good about getting stuff out to the masses, but, as we can always expect, "it'll come out, when it's ready"
The problem is the Kindle Fire is not a Android, it is a variant, and it violates Google's CDD that defines what an Android device is (it lacks basic features that are required to be certified by Google) and therefor it will not have access to the Google Android Market (As per the CDD). So unless Blizzard spends the money to open an account to put the apps on Amazons store you will not get it (unless you hack the fire and root and custom rom it)
Actually, using a file manager app available for free via the Amazon app store I was able to install and run the mobile authenticator app. if you get a hold of the apk for the app, you can transfer it to the Fire via usb cable or just email it to yourself and download it directly to the device. Use the file manager app to find the folder you put it in and it installs and runs just fine. No rooting, no custom roms, nothing.
I would also love love love this on my kindle fire!!! (without rooting it)t
As would I
I would also appreciate both the authenticator and the armory apps on my Kindle Fire.
And how did you "get ahold" of the apk?
I would also like the remote available on the Kindle Fire... just sayin'!
Pile on if u want. I have nook tablet and would love both authenticator and wow armory for it.
I would love to see the authenticator and armory on the kindle, I have an iphone 3g so I have both but that's literally all I use my phone for. Everything else I have is on the kindle, I get that its not as simple as just submitting the apps to the kindle store, but I think there is enough of a demand to get it on the kindle store.

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