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I just got a kindle fire and would love to see this available on the amazon app store. I read the posts and understand a response from a blue has been posted and they can't say one way or another until someone makes an official post, but I figured one more voice couldn't hurt.
I see the thread's a little old, and the last post was in March, but that doesn't deter me. I too would like to see the Armory and Authenticator available for the Kindle Fire (remember estimated 5.5 million sold in their first quarter of sales.) I also want to point out that the previously mentioned android differences might make an issue, I've run into a few Kindle apps and ebooks that don't work on the Fire for that exact reason, however I've got faith in the ability of you Blizz Tech Wizards to make it happen.
Would like to see it as well. Or at least a way to install the Armory app without rooting the Kindle Fire.
I agree with the one viable post in this non-nook forum. I also have a nook tablet, which is a droid device. WoW apps are droid apps, which run on android ops. Kindle is not a droid, nor will it ever be. Unless Blizz decides to go Amazon (gl with that...) Well, anyways. How about a blue post about nook, since the rest of this thread is irrelevant?
Yeah please bring these apps to the kindle fire I use a windows phone and miss my warcraft apps
Came looking for a thread like this, glad to see I'm not the only one held back by the Amazon App Store.
Please, at least make the. apk file for the free version available from your website! Kindle Fire users deserve to have this app too!
I'd like to see this happen as well. My physical authenticator is having problems with the button push. I'd love to use the armory on my fire while I play.
I 86th this motion! I have a Kindle Fire and need it to be authenticator-fied.
It's fairly easy to get the Authenticator and Mobile Armory apps on your Kindle Fire, actually. The issue with the Fire is that the apps are not on the Amazon market, so what you need is the Google Play market.

Honestly, it's been so long since my Fire hasn't been rooted that I'm not sure if it's necessary to do so to install the Google Play market, however if it is, it's still not hard.

First thing you can do is to try and download this: on your Fire, it's the Google Play market app installer, so if you are able to install it, you will be able to download the Authenticator and Armory apps from there. One thing to note, in the settings installing applications manually is disabled, just find that trigger and disable it, it is not difficult to find.

If you're unable to install the Market in that way, due to permissions issues (completely possible, it's been a while), this link will guide you through rooting your device (basically jailbreaking, if you're iOS savvy, if you follow the instructions, there should be no issues with the process). Not only does this root the device, it also installs the Google Play market, and you can download the apps from there.
Whatever number we are up to, I nth the motion as well! Please!
One important thing to note about rooting your Kindle Fire is that you will LOSE the ability to stream Amazon Prime videos if you do. Since that's the main reason I have the Fire, that's a no-go for me (and the reason I've never bothered rooting it).

The truly frustrating thing here is that my Fire would run the damn thing perfectly, IF I could just find a copy of the .apk that isn't 100 years old. Really, Blizz, you can't just throw us a bone of a direct-download link?
Add me to the list of people that want to see this, please!
I would also like this on my Kindle Fire
Adding myself to the list as well. I'd really like the Armory and Authenticator apps on my Fire HD. My physical authenticator is so old I'm amazed it is still working! (Had it for 5-ish years, I think?)
This is an extremely old thread so I'm thinking the chances aren't great, but I'd add my voice to the chorus. I'd like the mobile app on my Fire.

Add pet battles while you're at it :)
please :-)
Is there any information available about whether or not this is happening soon? I too would like to get the app for kindle fire :)
I would like to add my voice to this, as well. It would be greatly appreciated, as my wife has problems typing on a phone display, but the Fire's screen is big enough to be comfortable for her. (WoW Armory)
Kindle fire app would be nice for when im away from my house for a long stretch and dont want to lose gold from auctions i posted days ago

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