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Were you able to test out with newer drivers for Lion to test?
Machkhan, I'd just like to comment that I was experiencing the same problem as Saulyne with my Wacom tablet mouse. I had updated my OSX to Snow Leopard recently. The camera re-positions itself to random places when I use my tablet pen to change direction or look around while in motion. To reiterate, this problem does NOT occur when my character is standing in one place and I use the pen to turn or look. So far, none of the suggested solutions have worked.
I am also having this issue with World of Warcraft when using my Wacom. I also recently upgraded to OSX 10.8 (mostly because of WoW), yet WoW is the only application my Wacom doesn't work correctly in, even with the latest drivers. The camera will reposition and point in a random direction when I release buttons when moving. I have noticed the direction the camera points is somewhat related to where my cursor happens to be on the screen when I release the buttons, but not always. The camera does not randomly move if I simply click one or the other button and release. It only moves if I click both buttons to move, then release. When I move in the game then stop, my camera view sometimes changes so significantly (straight up, behind me, etc) that it's disorienting and nauseating, making the game unplayable. :(
Is this a dead thread? Is anyone working on this?

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