you named your Pet

Have you named your for ur GF/BF a friend or a hero that u grew up. I was thinking about it last night and thought wouldn't hurt to post a topic about it. My pets are base on my childhood hero who look up to him "Godzilla" So I made a Godzilla pet theme that is close almost look like those monsters. Its nerdy but don't give a damn about >.>
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a hero that u grew up

My hunter has a pet gorilla named Taco.
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a hero that u grew up

My hunter has a pet gorilla named Taco.

Ghost Monkey?

OP, are you saying your hero was Godzilla?
My naming scheme is completely random. My wolves are named after the people serving time in the Greek underworld Ex. Sisyphus the man who is doomed to forever push a boulder up a hill only to have it roll back down right before it reaches the top. He was promised immortality should he ever succeed. My spirit beasts have Gaelic names Caradoc and Gaellaim. Still another random name is my Sambas. His name was Nikandros, but was changed to RunningEagle when my UI bugged and he caused a wipe. RunningEagle -> Too stupid to fly.
I tend to go with RP theme named pets. For instance, this character's got all Silithus bugs(Hive'zora, specifically) named in a made-up language from my youth... because I was a weird kid.

My other hunter is using the figurine lookalikes or 'inorganic-looking' pets named after similar minerals such as the transparent emerald owl lookalike named Peridot, the ruby serpent lookalike named Carnelian, a cream-colored crab named Soapstone, and Chromaggus renamed to Elementium. Plus a stable full of placeholder pets named for the more esoteric stuff like chondrodite and chrysoberyl.
I used to think stupid/funny names for my pets were cool, but recently I've been having fun just keeping their original name. Gives the pet more character imo.
I try to come up with fitting, yet original names. Some of them i can name off the top of my head are: Shirakir, Shadowfury, Eternus, Spiritus, Arion, and Obsidious.
My pets (both hunters) generally work from a point of boring. Frank, Sydney, Frosty, Squiggles, Jacobson, Grieves, etc...
My boar is named Porkalypse. I haven't named the others yet.

I name mine after my real life pets. I've about run out of names, so I'll probably switch it up a bit. I'm going pet hunting this week.
I tend to name my pets by what they look like or if they do something unique. Spike is my boar (though I did know someone back in the day with that name). He's one of the Outlands boars (they used to be classified as demons).

Then there's my wolf- Changling. There is a movie by that same name though. My wolf happens to be a color changer though.

My bat Wotcher- yeah I took that word from the harry Potter books.

I have Bailey- my beetle ;). Cringer, my green kitty. Bernie- my BC raptor (they look like Barney). Lightbrite- my yellow spider. I also have 2 foxes- Dancingfox (who I used to torture around Org) and Shifter (another color changer).

(Sad thing is, I have an easier time naming my in game pets than I do my cats. I have one cat I've had for about 3 years now I call Hey (no name seemed to stick with her). )
i named my pets after some people.







all the same person
Juicy Fruit
i love your boars name, wish i could be that creative with names. Porkalypse
Most of my pets revolve around German words, but there are a couple that are tributes.

Daniel is my brother's name, and although he passed away his 'spirit guide animal' was a bear, so I thought it was quaint!

Clifford - obvious reasons? :P

Reptar - see above!

Kaernk - based off the invisible water monster in Amnesia, cuz this bugger walks on water and was invisible until I found its tracks, so... haha.

Amongst others. ^^
My Bear's name is Bearlylegal... get a few whispers on it lol
Kinda random & depends on my mood. Some examples:

Named my Ghostsaber: Bianca. Had a ferret with that name, and it seemed to fit. This was back when you had to earn your pet's loyalty. She was my best friend :)

Wrath worg: TankNut Jr after a guildie's nickname (Long story, won't bore you)

Rare lion: KittyKat (Addams Family)

Fen Strider: Tripod (From War of the Worlds b/c that is what the fen striders always reminded me of)

Crane: Kevin (Up)

If we ever get more canine choices, like sighthounds, will name one after my RL greyhound
My pink tallstrider... My ex helped me get him, on his rogue. The rogue that I told him to call Gustiver. After finding him - my very first ever pet! And he's RARE! - I named him after the rogue. I refuse to abandon him, even though the guy later gutted me emotionally. I just can't.
my pets have been named after anime characters and games.

Spyro=Naromac. spyro the purple dragon.
Rayearth=Loque'nahak. rayearth is this wolf looking lion with a mane made out of fire.

these are just 2 examples.

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